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Canon Powershot A610 Camera review | Conclusion
Canon Powershot A610 digital camera
Canon has obtained a lot of experience in the PowerShot assortment and the Canon A610 is the end result for the time being. Many possibilities and flexibility serve the user to a great extend. He can shoot in a simple way but as soon as he's ready for some more complicated shooting, the Canon PowerShot won't let him down. It's for a reason the PowerShot A-series of digital cameras is successful all over the world!

Canon A610 - 5 Megapixel resolution
The Canon PowerShot A610 is an excellent digital camera with a fine resolution of 5 Megapixels. The resolution is more than sufficient to get nice enlargements, to edit the images or to make a crop. Lately the offer of software to enable creatively managing a digital image has grown extremely. From Scrapbooking to software for creating square and ready photo albums; there is enough to meet everybody's wishes. The Canon A610 offers user-friendliness, is easy to use especially thanks to the flexible tilting LCD monitor and is guaranteed for photographic pleasure.

Canon Powershot A610 - Good quality photo's
The Canon A610 also guarantees quality. Every single image was excellently exposed with rich detail. Colour reproduction is strongly saturated but still shows a natural shade. Auto white balance does a good job generally with the exception of the exuberantly present light balance. The optical quality is fine and there's no need for any comments. The signal noise ratio of the A610 is fine and doesn't hold any negative surprises. The images are really appealing. The same goes for the operation of the camera. Well thought-out and straightforward with of course the luxury of a tilting LCD monitor.

Canon A610 digital camera - LCD & Wide angle
Still some negative comments have to be made about the Canon PowerShot A610 digital camera. Although the flexible LCD monitor is an excellent replacement of the viewfinder, we still find the viewfinder rather small. We'd prefer to get rid of the optical viewfinder and instead find a 2.5 inch sized monitor in its place. Or are we now pricing the Canon A610 camera out of the entry-level market? Another thing is that despite the outstanding effective range of the internal flash, the performances at the beginning of the range stay behind. Wide angle images in combination with flash keep coming out somewhat underexposed.

Canon Powershot A610 - Many setting possibilities
It may be clear though that the negative features are easily outstripped by its positive features. The Canon PowerShot A610 is an excellent digital camera with a lot of potency. It's a camera for a large group of users. Not only novices will be able to get to know the camera quickly and the more advanced user will highly appreciate the many setting possibilities.

Canon Powershot A610 - Successful A-series digital camera
The Canon PowerShot A610 left behind a truly positive impression. The camera does keep its promises and is a worthy successor of the previous Canon A-series of digital cameras. Canon is a successful brand in the digital camera market; they possess a large market segment and put a strikingly strong new digital camera in the market time after time in order to keep the market segment in their possession. Those who are looking for a digital all-rounder, a camera for the beginning photographer, but one that is capable of growing to higher skills with its owner, will find so with this new Canon PowerShot A610 digital camera. Excellent!

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Canon Powershot A610 | Digital Camera


Canon Powershot A610
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