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Canon Powershot A610 Camera review | Adjustments
The Canon PowerShot A610 is a versatile entry-level camera. Not only does the Canon A610 offer sufficient functions for creative but simple photography, the camera also puts itself down as a possible entry to a prosumer or digital SLR camera. The operation is easy, straightforward and the camera is fast. If you want to shoot fully automatically you can use the green Auto mode to capture your eternal moments. But those who'd like to do some more than just auto, can get occupied with the application of the preset shooting modes. And if that still isn't enough challenge for you, you can use the other setting possibilities like aperture and shutter priority.
Canon Powershot A610 | Digital Camera Canon Powershot A610 | Digital Camera
Canon PowerShot A610 - 4x optical zoom lens
The Canon PowerShot A610 is equipped with a high performance 4x optical zoom lens. The user gets more telephoto range (35-140mm, 35mm format equivalent). The optical quality at wide angle is remarkably high, only a small distortion in the corners is visible but the details are conserved well. Zooming in to more tele makes the distortion disappear. The optical range of 4x can be enlarged with 4x digital zoom which delivers a total range of 16x. The only thing is that using the digital zoom decreases the image quality, reduces the resolution and makes digital noise clearly visible. The Canon A610 is also capable of taking macro images. The results are excellent until you choose to use the internal flash. The flash is not capable of exposing the entire subject because of the lens being placed in the way, which results in a large shadow in the image. Macro is fine however; without the use of the internal flash.

Canon PowerShot A610 camera - Automatic white balance
Obviously the camera is equipped with auto white balance and it must be said that most standard situations are exposed correctly, no doubt about it. Incandescent requires action and the white balance has to be set accordingly but also then the Canon A610 performs greatly. It might be necessary to apply minor exposure compensation here and there in order to get a brighter result.

Canon A610 digital camera - Noise values
Concerning the noise values that the Canon PowerShot A610 produces, I can say that these values are the same we normally find on a digital compact camera like the Canon PowerShot A610; low ISO values are noise-free and from 400 ISO noise is clearly visible but still it's capable of creating an outstanding photo-realistic print. The Canon PowerShot A610 leaves behind an excellent impression. The images contain rich detail and even at high contrast the camera is capable of capturing sufficient detail without suffering from bleached areas.
At low light the camera is still able to function very well. Especially the AF assistance light is a great help here. The colour reproduction stands for itself, with a tendency to red but a small exposure correction will accomplish a fine result.

Canon Powershot A610 - Built-in flash
Striking is the performance of the built-in flash. It happens time and again that the capacity of such a flash doesn't suffice to overcome a number of meters. The Canon A610 shows that it doesn't have to be that way. Especially the effective range of a broad 4 meters is a plus point for the camera. When we take a look at the performance in wide angle, the camera seems to drop a few stitches here. Specifically in the corners some loss of light occurs and the images are a bit underexposed. More than average exposure compensation brings this and the other in balance again. Concerning the colour balance, Canon has done really well, warm colours that will certainly appeal to the average user.

Canon Powershot A610 digital camera - Colour rendering
When we take a look at the colour rendering of the camera we see that the Canon PowerShot A610 reacts similarly to other competing digital cameras. The images are a wee bit saturated as far as colour is concerned and are made just slightly heavier. The images are bright and rich of contrast without going over the top. Especially the reproduction of skin tones is pleasant. Also here the colour is made a bit heavier, just on the edge of exaggerating. The average user will appreciate the images, fresh and colourful. And that is what you aim for being a manufacturer, mission accomplished. The Canon PowerShot A610 offers value for money. There are more than enough setting possibilities to enhance your skills and eventually, at a later stage, make the step to a real digital SLR camera. The Canon A610 is a powerful combination and leaves behind an excellent impression.
Canon Powershot A610 Canon Powershot A610
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