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Canon Powershot A610 Camera review | Control
The operation of a camera depends strongly on the user-friendliness and ease of use. Even if the quality were perfect, the operation has to be in order or the manufacturer won't be able to sell even one camera to the consumer. The design of the Canon PowerShot A610 looks solid and Canon will undoubtedly have used its years of experience to make sure there are no unnecessary hindrances concerning the operation of the camera. Still here and there we see some improvements compared to its predecessor.
Canon Powershot A610 | Digital Camera Canon Powershot A610 | Digital Camera
Canon A610 digital camera - Command dial
The command dial on top of the camera is no surprise. The dial contains most of the main programmes so they can be activated directly and quickly. It's easy to set the dial precisely and a loud click indicates the next program. The amount of buttons on the dial has been drastically decreased; there's only a handful of buttons to operate the camera. Going through the manual, which is written comprehensibly and is also full of illustrations, the plural functionality of the buttons quickly gets clear.

Canon A610 camera - Menu & Multi-functional buttons
The menu button activates the camera's menu that is neatly rendered on the 2 inch LCD monitor. Navigation is quick and straightforward. Just two pages are available that cover the amount of setting possibilities. What's left are the multi-functional buttons next to the LCD monitor. The application of these buttons drastically reduces the time you'd normally spend going through the camera's menu. Especially the FUNC button works very effective in practice. This button contains many handy setting possibilities. Functions such as ISO, resolution, white balance and light metering are directly accessible hence they can be directly adjusted.

Canon Powershot A610 camera - Print / Share button
The print/share button, to the right from the multi-functional controller is used to transfer the images directly from the camera onto a computer or notebook or to print the image directly. When the Canon PowerShot A610 is connected to a PictBridge supporting printer (or Canon Direct Print), a menu gets activated that flawlessly lets you select an image to print out once or many times without the need for a computer. In fact, a small printing centre is built into the camera that quickly lets you produce a print, very handy!

Canon Powershot A610 - Record mode & Play mode
When activating the record mode of the Canon A610 various camera settings appear on the LCD monitor. Even if you don't need them in the first instance, the camera has a full automatic operation, in practice it turns out useful to have this information at hand.
Gradually you will start recognizing the aperture and shutter speed values. These values appear on the monitor by depressing the release button half-way down. For those who don't appreciate this information; it can be removed through the Display button so the only thing appearing on the display is the image. Activating the Play mode makes data appear during taking the image such as resolution and date/time. Pressing the Display button enables you to enhance the informative rendering with a histogram that lets you check the exposure of an image.

Canon Powershot A610 digital camera - Zoom button
The zoom button is placed on a perfect spot, for the hand is automatically placed around the handgrip and therefore the index finger is on the exact right height to touch the small catch that stands out from the handgrip. The zoom button has some resistance which improves precise zooming. The release button, placed in the middle of the zoom button has a fairly light pressing point and is easy to operate.

Canon A610 - Tilting LCD monitor
The functional folding-out and flexible LCD monitor of the Canon A610 has clearly proven itself in practice in other PowerShot G models. Once having worked with a monitor like this, you will never want different anymore. Still I do have one wish and that contains a larger monitor of a minimal size of 2.5 inch. Lately monitor sizes have enlarged quickly and the last series of digital cameras have been equipped with monitors that have a minimal 2.5 inch size. It's just easier to work with in practice.

Canon Powershot A610 - Operation
At first the operation seems difficult and you can try and work it out without reading the manual but when you do make an effort to go through the menu you will learn the logic behind the quick buttons and you will find that operating the camera can be carried out quickly and that it is in fact it is very user-friendly. The ease of changing settings is definitely a plus for the Canon PowerShot A610.
Canon Powershot A610 Canon Powershot A610
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