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Canon Powershot A610 Camera review | Camera
The Canon PowerShot A610 absolutely has its own individual look, coming from the previous A-series of PowerShot digital cameras. The camera is not the thinnest or lightest one, but has a well thought-through handy design. The solid somewhat stiff handgrip offers a perfect grip. PowerShot as a brand name has done a good job; for years now it's a name of its own and it enjoys a fine reputation among (digital) photography enthusiasts. The housing is made of plastic and neatly finished. When we equip the camera fully, with 4x AA size batteries and a memory card, the Canon A610 weighs approximately 285 grams which is an average weight for a camera like this. The size (4x2.5x2inch) might be just a bit too big to carry around in your trouser or shirt pocket.
Canon Powershot A610 | Digital Camera Canon Powershot A610 | Digital Camera
Canon Powershot A610 - Lens accessories
The front side of the Canon A610 is dominated by the large ring placed around the optical zoom lens. Below right of this ring a small button is positioned. Pressing it and turning the ring enables removing the latter one. Positioning an (optional) adapter (Canon LA-DC58F) on this spot enables changing the focal range. The TC-DC58N enhances the telephoto range with 1.7x and a wider wide angle is created with the Canon Wide converter WC-DC58N (0.7x). Those who want to further enhance the camera's possibilities may want to consider the Canon HF-DC1 external flash or a WP-DC90 underwater housing to take your Canon PowerShot A610 to a depth of up to 40 meters. Other features of the front side are the optical viewfinder above the lens with next to it an indicator for the self-timer, red eye reduction or AF assistance light. Entirely on the top right, the flash is placed. A tiny microphone below the brand name finishes it off.

Canon A610 - Handgrip & Compartments
When we turn the camera to the side we notice the fattest side of the camera straight away: the handgrip. It feels rather stiff but does offer stability. In my opinion there is not enough room between the handgrip and the optical zoom's ring. A larger sized hand will frequently get its fingers caught between the handgrip and the lens. In the handgrip we find two small covers, one made of rubber, the other made of plastic. The memory compartment is covered by the plastic cover and the rubber covers hide the interfaces for the USB 2.0, A/V and A/C power adapter. The opposite is rather empty and just shows the hinge of the LCD monitor. The bottom side of the Canon PowerShot A610 contains a (plastic) universal tripod mount in the middle with right next to it the cover for the battery compartment. When the camera is mounted on the tripod it's not possible to change the batteries; you have to dismount the camera first. The A610 uses 4x AA size batteries.
Canon Powershot A 610 - Command dial
When we look down on the PowerShot A610 digital camera from an upward position, we see the well-known command dial. The dial can turn 360 degrees in both ways. At every different program a loud click will sound and the dial has to be pushed to the next programme. It will not quickly occur that the dial is accidentally turned. The large release button features a large ring around it functioning as a zoom button. The spot is ideal and the button can easily be operated with the right index finger. The on/off button is quite obvious, and lies integrated in the camera's housing. The loudspeaker finds itself in between the command dial and the release button.

Canon A610 - Tilting LCD monitor
Compared to its predecessors, the Canon A510, the back side of the PowerShot A610 differs in many ways. The size of the LCD monitor is enlarged to 2 inch and the monitor can be turned 180 degrees and it can be tilted 270 degrees. This way you can really shoot from any angle, capturing pictures which you were unable to shoot before. No need to explain that this is an enormous surplus value for the creative photographer. Besides that the LCD monitor can be folded against the back of the camera in order to protect it from scratching. Around the multi controller some four buttons are placed that activate the menu among other things. Right above the monitor we find the optical viewfinder. It seems that the next generation PowerShot A cameras will lose the optical viewfinder and will get a larger LCD monitor instead, we hope. Finally a button for record or play mode is the last one of the small amount of buttons found on the back of the camera.
Canon Powershot A610 Canon Powershot A610
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