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Digital Camera Specifications

Canon Powershot A410 Camera review | Control
The Canon A410 replaces the PowerShot A400. The most prominent improvements are the optical zoom, which now has a 3.2x range, and the integration of the powerful DIGIC II processor. This processor guarantees fast image processing and ensures long-lasting power. The Canon PowerShot A410 is a camera that is easily operated. This is of considerable importance, as the main target group for this camera is the beginning (digital) photographer.
Canon Powershot A410 | Digital Camera Canon Powershot A410 | Digital Camera
Canon PowerShot A410 camera - Operations
Canon has significantly simplified operating the camera. You will need to take some time to familiarize yourself with the camera, so that you can understand just how Canon has intended its operation. This may sound strange for a camera that is said to be easily operated, but once you've gotten started you will soon become accustomed to its design. An important feature is the FUNC/SET button, to which several programmes can be assigned. The manual of the Canon A410 offers all the information you need, ensuring that getting acquainted to the camera's ease will go smoothly and not take long at all.

PowerShot A410 - CCD image sensor
The camera is equipped with a 3.2 Megapixel CCD image sensor. Even though this isn't at all likely to suffice in the era of the 8+ Megapixel camera, it will be adequate to make a superb quality 10x15cm size print. With the 3.2 optical zoom (41 – 131mm) which can be operated via the multifunctional button, several subjects including a portrait can be captured. A pity however, that the optical viewfinder does not have (average) wide angle, especially indoor images would greatly benefit from a nice wide angle. Besides optical zoom the PowerShot A410 also has a digital zoom, which admittedly does affect quality when enhancing the tele range, something the user should keep in mind.

Canon A410 - Fast digital camera
The Canon PowerShot A410 is of average speed for an entry-level digital camera, needing just over a second before it is ready to capture the first images. Those of you who want to take series of images can continue shooting with a speed of approximately 2 images per second until the memory card is full. This is a great achievement indeed and offers possibilities to capture the active moments around you. It should be said however, that this speed can only be used when the internal flash doesn't need to charge. Those of you who choose to fire a full flash load should expect at least 8 to 9 seconds before it can be used again.

Canon PowerShot A410 - Print/Share button
The loyal Canon fans among us will undoubtedly recognize the famed Print/Share button on the back of the camera, a very handy feature indeed! This button is illuminated by a small LED upon connecting the Canon A410 to a computer or printer. It will now take no more than a push of the button to send your images to a computer, notebook, or even directly to the printer. Things were never easier!
Canon PowerShot A410 - Small LCD display
The PowerShot A410 is equipped with a small LCD display. I must admit this came as a bit of a disappointment to me, especially now that we've become accustomed - or is it spoiled? - to the large size monitors. It is hard enough to imagine that the 1.5 inch size was ever standard for a digital camera, and to see it make its return on the Canon A410 is an absolute pity. Even though the sensation of looking back at your images remains unchanged, there is no such thing as gathering around the display to do so. Another thing that requires a fair share of improvement is the visibility of the display in a dimly lit living room. The menu however, is logical and well-organized, ensuring a smooth operation process. Naturally, the optical viewfinder can be used as an alternative.

PowerShot A410 - Video camera
Those of you who are interested in broadening your horizons further than photography alone can also choose to use the Canon PowerShot A410 as a video camera. The resolution is reasonably high for an entry-level model (640 x 480 pixels); the image speed of 10 images per second (at VGA resolution) however, leaves a great deal to be desired. The maximum movie length is 3 minutes, which does depend on the speed and storage capacity of the memory card. I used a standard SanDisk SD card, which guarantees speed. The DIGIC II processor offers truly superb results!

Canon PowerShot A410 - Entry-level digital camera
The Canon PowerShot A410 is easy to operate. The functions are rapidly accessible and the menu has been neatly arranged. Thanks to the integration of the DIGIC II processor, all tasks are carried out quickly and effortlessly. The combination of 3.2 Megapixels, 3.2x optical zoom completed with digital zoom and the aforementioned processor, forms a powerful combination for an entry-level digital camera.
Canon Powershot A410 Canon Powershot A410
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