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Digital Camera Specifications

Canon Powershot A410 Camera review | Camera
Granted, the design of the Canon PowerShot A410 isn't among the most inspiring. When comparing this model to the other PowerShot or Digital IXUS models, you will notice it does not exactly grab your attention. The price however, will - and for those of you who aren't overtly interested in design, the camera's looks should not present much of a problem. The material used for the camera is made of plastic. The design feels solid; a slight raise in the front side serves as a small handgrip. The camera also lies securely in your hand. It has a matte grey colour, in combination with a silver-coloured relief on the front side. The size is not particularly compact and the camera itself is rather chunky. It will only just fit in a trouser or inside pocket.
Canon Powershot A410 | Digital Camera Canon Powershot A410 | Digital Camera
Canon PowerShot A410 - 3,2x optical zoom
The front side of the Canon A410 is adorned with a silver-coloured relief which holds the logo. On the far right the 3.2x optical zoom is located, with the small optical viewfinder right above it. On the left side, just away from the centre, you can find the internal flash with under it a LED serving as an indicator for the self timer, as red eye reduction function and also as a handy AF-assistance illuminator. On the far left, halfway down the front and side of the camera, a small eyelet to which the wrist strap can be attached has been designed.

Canon A410 - Battery & Memory compartment
The side of the camera comes with a rubber lid behind which the DC In (A/C power adaptor) and USB interface are hidden. The rubber has been affixed to the housing, ensuring it can not come off. Under it, a plastic lid with a lock is positioned. Once open we see a compartment in which a set of AA format batteries can be placed for the required energy, with in addition a Secure Digital memory card slot to store the data. The opposite side also shows a small lid. Behind it you can find a miniature compartment holding a CR-1220 battery. In principle, this small battery does not require much thought. The only thing you need to remember is that if for some reason the date and time on your camera no longer function as they should, this battery needs to be replaced by a new one.
Canon PowerShot A410 camera - Release button
The top side of the PowerShot A410 is rather limited; you will only find an on/off switch and a quite distinct shutter release button here. The bottom side of the camera somewhat resembles the top side; here a universal shutter release button made of plastic is placed just off centre. The batteries and memory card can both be operated from the side of the camera, thus ensuring no hindrance or problems will be encountered when photographing from a tripod.

Canon PowerShot A410 - Control centre
The back side of the camera, which is in fact the control centre, does however raise question. An LCD monitor with a size of only 1.5 inch is without a doubt considerably outdated, one would in fact expect 1.8 inch at the very least. Those of you, who do not want to make their photos via the monitor, can opt to use the optical viewfinder instead. A disadvantage however, is that it is not particularly precise and with a coverage of approximately 78%, this may very well lead to unpleasant surprises regarding what can eventually be seen in the actual photo. Next to the viewfinder two LEDs have been affixed for flash and focus status. A mode dial holding several main programmes, among which the preset scenes and the video function, can be found next to the monitor. The multifunctional button also serves as a zoom button. Among other things, the remaining buttons are meant for operating the camera's menu.
Canon Powershot A410 Canon Powershot A410
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