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Canon Powershot A410 Digital camera review | Introduction
Canon PowerShot A410 digital camera review : Last August proved to be quite the month for Canon. The Canon PowerShot A410 digital camera was one of the many new introductions. The Canon A410 is an entry-level model with a resolution of 3.2 Megapixels, which is admittedly a rather low resolution in these modern times. The camera replaces the PowerShot A400 and introduces several improvements in the process. Among these we find a different design, a 3.2x optical zoom and the integration of the now well-known DIGIC II processor.

Canon PowerShot A410 - DIGIC II processor
The size of the Canon PowerShot A410 is far from compact. The emphasis thus lies more on the camera's advantageous price/quality ratio. The drive behind the camera is without a doubt the DIGIC II processor. This processor uses the same technique that can be found in professional EOS-1 digital reflex cameras. Here lies the true genius of Canon. To take techniques from the professional world and incorporate these into the entire assortment should unquestionably be seen as a genuinely impressive achievement, one that is bound to attract attention. An improved energy consumption, faster image processing, faster focussing and faster series of images are all among the advantages of using such a powerful processor.

Canon A410 camera - 3,2 Megapixels
The resolution of 3.2 Megapixels does however look somewhat bleak when compared to its rivals. Many manufacturers simply leave the 5 Megapixels and lower resolutions to the B-brands or the mobile cameraphones market. Nevertheless, Canon still sees considerable market possibilities for a camera such as the Canon Powershot A410, perhaps not without reason. The resolution does suffice to print a good quality postcard size and the 3.2x optical zoom enables you to capture a considerable array of subjects, from landscape to portrait.

Canon PowerShot A410 - Simplicity
Simplicity has to be the main asset of the Canon A410. Operating the camera should go effortlessly; this is why both ease and comfort are of vital importance. The integration of no less than 14 different program modes greatly contributes to this. The camera is powered by a set of standard AA format batteries. The images are stored on a Secure Digital memory card.

Canon A410 digital camera review
The Canon A410 is a digital camera that ranks in the lower regions of the Canon digital camera assortment. The camera has been rewarded the title of entry-level model, a label that will without question appeal to a large group of consumers. One has to keep in mind that not everyone is always on the lookout for technically advanced digital camera equipment. The simplicity of photography has always remained a stronghold throughout the years. The Canon A410 will add to this. The results of our tests in practice can be read in the now following Canon PowerShot A410 digital camera review.

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Canon Powershot A410 | Digital Camera

  Canon Powershot A410
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