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Digital Camera Specifications

Nikon D2X Camera review | Control
With this extensive amount of buttons it might be wise to thoroughly check the user's manual. There are so many functions available that you would quickly overlook one. And that might be just the one that makes the Nikon D2X even more pleasant to work with. Because even straight out of the box the D2X is a powerful work-horse. The buttons are all placed on logical spots and they are nicely large which makes you able to operate the camera smoothly even with gloves on. =
Nikon D2X | Digital Camera Nikon D2X | Digital Camera
Nikon D2X SLR camera - Viewfinder
D-SLRs don't suffer from any shutter release lag at all, and this also goes for the D2X. Before the camera is completely activated you can start shooting. The position of the main button for activating the camera is well-chosen. With one finger you can turn the camera on and make the first photo at the same time. If you hold the camera in front of your eye to look through the viewfinder, it is a bit disappointing. Not that the viewfinder is that bad but it has a rather small size. This will be improved on its successor we hope. Nikon proves with the D200 that it is possible to have a large viewfinder with a focal length multiplier. The D2X users will look at that viewfinder with envy. The viewfinder on the D2X is already improved compared to the one on the D1X. This latter one would almost make you claustrophobic.

Nikon D2X digital SLR - Light metering
The viewfinder renders a lot of information, including the sensitivity set and the image quality. In fact, the viewfinder offers that much information that you really have to get used to it. The biggest advantage is the fact that you can keep the camera in front of your eye when adjusting certain settings. This works adequately and fast. Very pleasant is that the light metering system used is also rendered. It prevents you from leaving the camera in spot metering for example which could cause a total error for light metering in some cases. On the other hand, an advanced photographer is able to calculate the light metering to a certain extend and will check to see if the camera is offering a true value.

Nikon D2X digital reflex camera - High-speed crop
On the exchangeable matte glass, eleven focus points are found. The inner nine ones are surrounded by a frame. It shows the area for High-speed crop. When High-speed crop is activated the frame will light up in red. The two outside points don't work with High-speed crop. The middlemost nine sensors are all so-called cross-type ones. It means that they are sensitive in both vertical and horizontal directions. And they sure are sensitive. Even in dimly lit conditions the D2X hardly had any trouble to focus correctly. Remarkably enough the test chart experienced some difficulties at times. The focus points are perfectly divided over the entire image field. This enables you to choose a focus point right at the edge of your image and that comes in handy when you want to place your object off-centre.
A disadvantage is that the movements in the centre are somewhat harder to track. This is a plus for the Canon system. It doesn't imply that the D2X isn't good at tracking moving objects; on the contrary; the D2X performs excellently! In addition you can combine the necessary focus points in order to achieve the most effective focus.

Nikon D2X D-SLR - Vertical handgrip
The vertical handgrip makes it easy to hold the Nikon D2X when taking a vertical image. It's just a pity that the designers didn't make room for a second AE/AF lock button. It's lacking and really missing when shooting vertically. The buttons are placed on a different spot than when shooting the horizontal way which makes you search for them. Of course experience in practice will teach you but it would have been easier if the buttons had been placed in the same spot. The release button responses quickly to the movement of your finger. Exactly right, I'd say. After pressing the release button the photo is made immediately. The D2X has one of the smallest shutter release lags from all D-SLR cameras and is ultra fast!

Nikon D2X digital SLR - Buffer
Images are speedily written to the buffer and the memory card. The only annoying thing is that Nikon limited the amount of images to a maximum of 35. The buffer can probably take a lot more pictures but a software limitation makes it impossible to use up all the space. After 35 images you have to take your finger off the release button and press it again. This limitation is only applied to prevent you from filling up your memory card accidentally. As a user I would like to control this myself. And it would be very welcome if the user him/herself could adjust this limitation.

Nikon D2X D-SLR camera - LCD monitor & Protection cap
The large 2.5 inch monitor proves its value when playing back the images on the camera and when working in the menu. Nikon still delivers a protection cap with the camera; an item I always misplace within no-time. I prefer to leave such a cap at home, also because of condense appearing between the cap and the monitor. The image on the monitor is excellent. You can check the sharpness superbly thanks to the possibility of zooming in on the image to a great extend. Only the colour reproduction differs significantly from the final result. Don't just trust the monitor like that. Something you shouldn't do anyway when it concerns colour and exposure.
Nikon D2X Nikon D2X
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