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Ricoh GR Digital Camera review | Camera
The Ricoh GR Digital is not a very striking camera. It is a small camera with a nice dark painting. The GR Digital lets you take pictures without being noticed by the people around you. And thanks to its large wide angle people don't notice that you are capturing a heck of a lot. The Ricoh GR Digital contains a lot of metal and the camera feels very solid. Thanks to its compact size it's possible to carry it around everywhere and at any time as it fits in your shirt or trousers pocket.
Ricoh GR Digital | Digital Camera Ricoh GR Digital | Digital Camera
Ricoh GR Digital design
On the front of the camera a small edge is placed with a rubber topping. It gives the GR Digital just that little extra grip you can use to hold the camera really well. On top of the handgrip the tiny microphone is placed and right below it the special designed lens. The lens extends when activating the camera. If the Ricoh GR-D is turned off, the lens is protected by a lens shield. Around the lens a ring is positioned that can also be removed to attach the lens adapter or other accessories. The construction of the lens I find of lesser quality and it feels a bit cheap, something you wouldn't expect from a camera like the Ricoh GR. Finally top right the built-in flash is positioned. It's certainly very well hidden and is only visible when it's activated.

Ricoh GR Digital - Video & USB connection
Next to the built-in flash on top of the camera a hot shoe is placed for connecting an external flash or the viewfinder. On the right the on/off switch is found with above it the release button. On top of the handgrip a small dial is placed to adjust aperture. Entirely in the corner the exposure mode dial is found to choose from various exposure modes. Just turning it is not possible; first you have to depress an unlock button. On the right side of the GR Digital we find the connection for Video and USB nicely hidden behind a rubber cover. On the bottom side of the camera we find the cover for the battery and memory card right next to the metal tripod mount. Be careful when opening the compartment because the battery comes flying out straight away. The compartment should definitely contain a safety catch to prevent the battery from falling out and getting damaged.
Ricoh GR Digital camera - LCD monitor
The back of the Ricoh GR Digital is dominated by a large sized 2.5 inch monitor, with above it a tiny indicator. On the right a command dial is placed carrying the name of ADJ which serves to adjust shutter speed. The dial can also be depressed which enables you to quickly adjust exposure correction, white balance and the sensitivity. Eventually an extra function can be set like quality of the image. Completely on the right below the exposure mode dial the zoom button is found. This only works when digital zoom is activated and when reviewing the photos. An optical zoom is lacking.

Ricoh GR Digital - Circular positioned buttons
The switch for playing back the images is carried out in green. You can also activate the camera by depressing it, without the lens extending. Four circular positioned buttons take up a main spot. In the centre it contains the menu/ok button. The right button has no function, the other three let you operate flash, activate macro mode and play back the images during photographing. Completely at the bottom the self-timer/recycle bin is placed and the button to scroll through various monitor reproductions.
Ricoh GR Digital Ricoh GR Digital
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