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Canon Powershot S80 Camera review | Control
Despite the large amount of buttons on the back of the camera, the Canon PowerShot S80 has excellent and fast operation. The positions are logical and the camera is arranged according to Canon's own well-known way. The PowerShot S80 starts up really quickly despite the fact the lens has to extend. When deactivating the camera you have to wait until the lens is completely inside the camera before closing the sliding cover. You don't have to fear accidentally activating the camera when carrying it around in your bag or pocket.
Canon Powershot S80 | Digital Camera Canon Powershot S80 | Digital Camera
Canon Powershot S80 - Shooting modes
Most buttons on the PowerShot S80 work excellently and have a solid touch to them. The wheel is a nice invention. The only thing is; I find that it turns too easily which makes you select an option you didn't want to choose. A bit more resistance when turning the wheel would be better. The button for selecting shooting modes is extremely pleasant to work with. If you change the exposure mode, you will see the disk turn on the LCD monitor and some information will appear to explain the mode. This is a nice innovation and very convenient too! The button for the optical zoom needs some time to get used to. In itself it's quite logical to push the button up to zoom in and down to zoom out. After some practice you will notice that you are able to focus pretty precise with this type of operation.

Canon S80 - Artificial intelligence Auto Focus
The camera focuses neatly fast and precise too. Canon really thoroughly developed the AiAF (Artificial intelligence Auto Focus) and the user of the PowerShot S80 enjoys the benefits of it. There is a fine selection of different points that you can choose from to focus on. Also in dimly lit circumstances the Canon PowerShot S80 performs well; eventually you can use the AF assist lamp. Although it does give away that you're trying to make a spontaneous photo, so it's not recommended for candid shots, but indispensable when trying to capture that one special moment during the Season's holiday.

Canon S80 - 2,5 inch LCD monitor
The Canon PowerShot S80 features a small optical viewfinder, of which I think it will not be used often. You only see a small part of what you're about to capture. And you're missing all sorts of shooting information such as the aperture and shutter speed used for the image. The Canon S80 now features a fine large sized monitor of 2.5 inch. Even larger sized ones will become a standard soon. This is a welcoming development. The monitor is of excellent quality and plays back all the information you wish to see. To be able to see something on the monitor you don't have to stand straight in front of it anymore.
Thanks to new techniques you can still see what's on it when looking from an angle. The 'old' monitors did fail now and again in the sense of turning black or too light when looking on the screen from a high or low viewing position. LCD monitors are not only getting larger but on top of that better as far as quality is concerned.

Canon S80 digital camera - FUNC button
I still have to get used to the settings found under the FUNC button on digital compact cameras from Canon. It's mighty good that these settings are directly accessible, but sometimes they remain on the monitor causing some inconvenience now and again. And of course you have to know that among other things white balance, light metering, colour settings and quality are hiding under this button. But I guess it's just a matter of getting used to because by the time I'd finished testing the S80 I knew exactly where to find them!

Canon Powershot S80 - Menu
The separate buttons on the Canon PowerShot S80 digital camera generally serve for one single function. If they have a double function usually it means one for recording and one for playing. Personally I consider this as a very pleasant way of working. This way you can adjust something quickly and you don't have to recall where the function was situated. Your attention stays with the image that you're about to capture. And of course you don't have to consult the menu that frequently. And if you do have to go into the menu you will find it very well-organized. If you have dealt with a Canon digital camera before, you will effortlessly find your way around. And you won't have to dig into the menu frequently, only for settings like date and time. Canon was one of the first camera manufacturers to acknowledge the ease and value of a multilingual menu. The PowerShot S80 can therefore be set to many languages. This is great. Nothing is more helpful than reading the text in your own tongue. Surveys made clear that a large part of consumers definitely appreciate purchasing a digital camera that features the option to set the menu to their own language.
Canon Powershot S80 Canon Powershot S80
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