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Canon Powershot S80 Camera review | Camera
When trying to describe the Canon PowerShot S80, you'll soon end up with words like distinguished, stylish, fashionable and solid. The Canon S80 is a beautiful digital camera to look at and moreover it feels incredibly solid. Not only the deep black colour gives the Canon PowerShot S80 its stylish appearance but certainly also the silver coloured border which is the proper finishing touch. Mind the engraved name. The Canon design department paid a lot of attention to the camera's appearance, this might be clear.
Canon Powershot S80 | Digital Camera Canon Powershot S80 | Digital Camera
Canon Powershot S80 - Lens
Once you have taken the camera out of the box and have had a good look at it, you will notice that there is not a lot to look at on the front side of the camera. Pushing the slide aside makes the lens appear and enables you to see other elements. Starting up is fast by the way, you can start taking pictures within a second. The lens offers a nice zoom range and consists of some three slide elements. The construction of the lens barrel is of good quality. Viewed at it from an optical point of view the lens is also very good. Barrel distortion in wide angle turns to normal quickly when zooming in telephoto. This is normal behaviour for digital cameras like the S80. The optical viewfinder is placed above the lens on the left. We find this item rapidly disappearing off digital compact cameras to make room for luxurious large sized LCD monitors. Next to it the built-in flash is found. Naturally this item will not lack on the S80. Unfortunately the connection for an additional separate filter is lacking. It would have looked good if the Canon S80 were able to combine with an external flash. Below the flash the auto focus sensor is positioned.

Canon Powershot S80 - Release button
On top of the PowerShot S80 camera you will find nothing but the release button. This button lies in between a rubber strip so your finger won't rest against the cold metal which gives the button a pleasant feeling. The right side of the camera carries an eyelet for a wrist strap and a cover for the external connections that feels somewhat feeble. This is the only item on the Canon PowerShot S80 with a lesser quality appearance which is a real pity. The tripod mount is found on the bottom side of the camera, also carrying the cover that hides the memory card and battery compartment.
Canon S80 - LCD display & Optical fiewfinder
With the exception of the release button, all buttons are found on the back of the Canon PowerShot S80. This means that the back is quite busy, also because the large monitor takes up some room. Top left a button is found to send images directly to a (Canon) printer. Next to it we find the button to select image speed, or in case of reviewing, the possibility to add sound recording to the picture. The optical viewfinder is positioned in the centre and when using it your nose will touch the monitor frequently. The next generation Canon PowerShot digital cameras will probably be equipped with a larger monitor which means we will bid the optical viewfinder farewell. It certainly is an item that will not be missed as long as a good quality large sized monitor is offered instead.

Canon Powershot S80 - Optical zoom
Next to the optical viewfinder some small indicators are placed to indicate when focus is correct and to tell you when the flash is loaded and ready. On the right we find the switch for play mode and reviewing your pictures. This button also activates the camera, the lens will then stay inside the camera and you will still be able to view the images. The button for the optical zoom is placed almost completely to the right on a logical spot and is easy to operate. On the corner of the S80 the turning wheel for the exposure programmes is positioned. You can even see the icons on the side of the PowerShot S80. The button stands out a little and on the whole it looks quite distinctive.

Canon S80 digital camera - Command dial
Right next to the monitor the control centre of the Canon S80 is found. It contains four buttons positioned around a wheel serving for selecting focus points and recycle bin, image correction or turning of images, the menu and lastly the monitor options. In the centre of the wheel the function button is placed with which a number of important settings can be called up. The wheel itself is also a button; when pressing the edges you adjust sensitivity and flash and you activate the manual focus and macro mode. The wheel lets you navigate through the menu, adjust aperture or shutter speed and scroll through a photo.
Canon Powershot S80 Canon Powershot S80
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