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Canon Powershot S80 Digital camera review | Introduction
Canon Powershot S80 digital camera review : The PowerShot S-series of Canon include digital cameras with a remarkable design. The keyword is 'superior'. These are digital cameras for people who don't mind paying a little bit more for a solid housing and some quality but still want a digital compact camera. The Canon PowerShot S80 is the latest model and stands on the top. Indeed the Canon S80 is a stylish digital camera; it shows that you know what style is.

Canon S80 - LCD monitor
The Canon PowerShot S80 is the successor of the PowerShot S70. The technical changes are not extremely shocking. The resolution has been increased from 7 to 8 Megapixels which is a digital evolution that can't be stopped anymore. More important is the large LCD monitor on the back of the Canon S80, now measuring 2.5 inch. Canon is working hard to change over to the Secure Digital (SD) memory cards for compact cameras. Also the Canon PowerShot S80 now uses a Secure Digital card where as the PowerShot S70 still worked with the CompactFlash. The purists among us will reluctantly miss the option of working with RAW format. Rather a pity for a camera in this class.

Canon S80 metal housing
The one thing that remained the same is the metal housing. This makes the Canon PowerShot S80 one of the most solid cameras in its class. The main changes are found in the ergonomics. Canon has completely rearranged the buttons and has made the appearance of the PowerShot S80 a lot calmer. Striking is the large wheel on the back of the S80 which is a new button that we will possibly find on more models in the near future (PMA 2006).

Canon Powershot S80 review
The Canon PowerShot S80 is a universal versatile digital camera. The zoom ranges from 28 up to 100mm offering you a considerable wide angle. Although at the cost of the telephoto range, but personally I prefer a larger wide angle range. This is much more convenient for indoor shots at family environments and also landscape images or indoor shots in buildings, museums etc. The wide angle lens offers a few more possibilities when capturing common subjects. I was able to test the Canon S80 in practice for a while and my findings can be read in the following Canon PowerShot S80 digital camera review.

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Canon Powershot S80 | Digital Camera

  Canon Powershot S80
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