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Pentax Optio WPi Camera review | Storage and Energy
The Pentax Optio WPi features an internal memory of around 10.5MB but in practice it is hardly of any use. Obviously the camera is equipped with a memory card slot. This slot supports the most frequently used card nowadays; the Secure Digital (SD) memory card. This type of card is small, light-weighted and is available in many different capacities and speeds. The available storage capacity ranges from 32MB up to 2GB. Higher storage capacities are expected for 2006. Besides storage capacity there is also a variety in speed. There are standard cards, faster cards and ultra-fast cards that are able to read and write data with a speed up to 20MB per second. The Pentax Optio WPi will work well with a standard or fast memory card. The differences in write speed are not remarkably high.
Pentax Optio WPi | Digital Camera Pentax Optio WPi | Digital Camera
SanDisk Ultra II Plus secure digital memory card
Lately when testing digital cameras I have been using a very special and extremely handy Secure Digital memory card; the SanDisk Ultra II Plus. The design of the card is similar to that of the SD standard memory card; on top the card features an additional function. Having removed the card from the Pentax Optio WPi digital camera, you can bend it in the middle after which a USB interface is freed. Enabling you to insert the card directly from you camera in a free USB port of a notebook or computer without the need for a connection to the camera or a card reader. In practice I notice myself using the card more and more to transport data such as photos, but also documents, to and from.

Considering 256MB storage capacity:
2816 x 2112 pixels - best - 82 images
2816 x 2112 pixels - better - 166 images
2816 x 2112 pixels - fine - 248 images
2560 x 1920 pixels - best - 98 images
2560 x 1920 pixels - better - 190 images
2560 x 1920 pixels - fine - 274 images
2304 x 1728 pixels - best - 144 images
2304 x 1728 pixels - better - 248 images
2304 x 1728 pixels - fine - 356 images
2048 x 1536 pixels - best - 144 images
2048 x 1536 pixels - better - 306 images
2048 x 1536 pixels - fine - 446 images
1600 x 1200 pixels - best - 248 images
1600 x 1200 pixels - better - 412 images
1600 x 1200 pixels - fine - 602 images
1024 x 768 pixels - best - 488 images
1024 x 768 pixels - better - 824 images
1024 x 768 pixels - fine - 1044 images
640 x 480 pixels - best - 978 images
640 x 480 pixels - better - 1424 images
640 x 480 pixels - fine - 1958 images
Video resolution 320x240 pixels - 30fps - 6 min 12 sec
Video resolution 320x240 pixels - 15fps - 11 min 52 sec
Video resolution 160x120 pixels - 30fps - 23 min 44 sec
Video resolution 160x120 pixels - 15fps - 43 min 30 sec
Pentax Optio WPi - Memory Card
There is no external memory card delivered with the Pentax WPi. In itself this is not a problem at all since most standard delivered memory cards end up not being used for their diminutive storage capacity that can only take a handful of high resolution photos. The internal memory of the WPi is also limited but doesn't get in the way. Make sure you buy an SD card with a minimum storage capacity of 256MB when purchasing the camera. Obviously you want to be able to use the resolution of 6 Megapixels which demands extra storage capacity. It will enable you to store some 82 images in the highest quality. And if this is not enough for you, you'd better purchase a 512MB card straight away.

Pentax WPi camera - USB connection
Besides the application of the earlier mentioned SD Plus card you can also transfer images from the camera to a computer or notebook through a USB connection. The PC/AV interface is hidden behind the cover that covers the battery compartment. Through this interface a direct connection with a computer or notebook can be accomplished. Of course you can also use a card reader. The PC/AV interface also lets you connect the camera to a television set which enables viewing your images on a large sized screen.

Pentax Optio WPi - 3,7V 710mAh Lithium-Ion battery
The camera gets its power from the 3.7V 710mAh Lithium Ion battery or through an optional A/C power adapter (D-L18). The battery is neatly hidden behind a waterproof cover. Pentax claims it should be possible to take around 200 images with a fully charged battery, half of which using the flash and the LCD monitor on. In practice it turned out that fewer pictures could be made, some 130. The battery capacity is rather restricted but a compact camera like the Optio WPi usually doesn't offer too much energy capacity also due to the reduced size of the batteries that are used in such cameras. It might be wise to purchase a second battery if you are planning to do a lot of shooting and if you don't know if you will be able to recharge the battery in between. A battery charger is standard delivered with the camera. It takes around 100 minutes to fully recharge an empty battery.
Pentax Optio WPi Pentax Optio WPi
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