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Pentax Optio WPi Digital camera review | Introduction
Pentax Optio WPi digital camera review : Quite soon after Pentax had introduced the first Optio WP camera, the Pentax Optio WPi was born. The Pentax WPi at first glance seems to be a compact digital camera for the day to day photography if it weren't for its ability of photographing underwater. This feature is still quite unique on current digital cameras; few manufacturers offer this enhanced creative possibility. When making the step in taking the Pentax Optio WPi as your companion underwater you can count on a functioning camera to a depth of 1.5 metres for a maximum time span of 30 minutes. The Optio WPi is waterproof conform JIS Class 8 and dustproof conform Class 5 (IP58) which means that the camera is excellently suitable for all types of weather conditions including marine sports, skiing etc. If you do want to photograph underwater for a longer period of time and deeper than 1.5 metres you'd have to look for a separate underwater case.

Pentax WPi - Optical zoom lens & Waterproof
While the previous model, the Optio WP, offers 5 Megapixels of resolution, Pentax equipped the WPi digital camera with an image sensor of 6.36 Megapixels offering 6.0 effective Megapixels. The built-in lens features a 3x optical zoom with a range of 38mm to 114mm, rather standard I'd say. Thanks to the internal optical zoom lens Pentax was able to make the camera waterproof. The lens is protected by a glass element that has to be kept clean thoroughly to prevent smudgy photos. Striking is the fact that the tiny zoom lens consists of 11 elements in 9 groups, 3 of which are aspherical elements which is certainly great.

Pentax Optio WPi - LCD Monitor
The Pentax Optio WPi camera has a compact size, quite small, elongated and thin. With its dimensions of only 102 x 51 x 22mm and a weight of 135 grams (including batteries and memory card) it's the ideal camera to always carry with you. On the back of the camera a 2 inch sized LCD monitor is placed with an improved resolution of 115.000 pixels. The monitor's size is the minimum you may expect nowadays on a digital camera. The images are stored in the internal memory or on a Secure Digital (SD) card. Energy is obtained from a Lithium-ion battery.

Pentax Optio WPi review
The Pentax WPi is an entry level digital camera aiming at a large group of consumers who prefer a simple straightforward and fast way of photographing. It's an easy to operate camera with a handy size. You won't find enhanced settings on such a camera; you'd have to look for a more advanced digital camera if you want more advanced settings. The Pentax Optio WPi however does offer a wealth of pre-set shooting modes which automatically decide the ideal camera setting under different shooting circumstances. The Pentax WPi has been tested in practice and our experiences can be read in the next WPi digital camera review.

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Pentax Optio WPi | Digital Camera

  Pentax Optio WPi
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