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Sanyo Xacti E6 Camera review | Control
When we take the Sanyo E6 in our hand, the first thing we notice is that the ergonomics of the camera are well thought-out. In fact, you only have to move the thumb of your right hand up and down on the side of the camera to operate all the buttons. Users with big hands don't have to worry either; they'll be well capable of operating the buttons on the Sanyo E6. When activating the camera it's ready to shoot almost immediately. No time is lost through an extending optical lens; the Sanyo Xacti E6's lens stays inside the camera. It never extends when zooming, every action takes place inside the housing of the camera. Focussing is also extremely swift thanks to the Touch sensor incorporated in the release button. Just a touch of the fingertip suffices to activate the focus, no need to press the button halfway down. As soon as you want to capture an image, the camera just awaits a slight pressure of your finger to capture the image immediately after, gone is the release shutter lag!
Sanyo Xacti E6 | Digital Camera Sanyo Xacti E6 | Digital Camera
Sanyo Xacti E6 - No optical viewfinder
Not that long ago, the optical viewfinder was considered an important feature on a digital camera. At the time the monitor was just an aid to adjust settings and quickly view captured images. Nowadays the monitor definitely plays a main role and the 'golden moment', viewing the captured images, is experienced to the fullest on a monitor of at least 2.5-inch. The Sanyo Xacti E6 is even equipped with a 3-inch display! The images are shown to the full extend on this monitor and it's easier to judge them on sharpness and exposure while it's also more convenient to view the images with many people at the same time. The images rendered on the monitor look good, no shaky images, not even in dark circumstances, on the contrary, all movements are rendered smoothly. You can choose to view a lot or less information on the monitor. It can be adjusted through the menu at the option Guide 2-way image. As said before; the optical viewfinder is lacking on the Xacti E6 but it may be clear that it is not missed at all.

Sanyo E6 - Menu & Multi-controller
The Sanyo Xacti E6 default setting is auto mode. In fact this is the most universal mode in which 95% of the images can be captured. Besides the scene programs the Xacti E6 camera also offers settings for adjusting light metering or focus. Adjustments are carried out through the menu and the multi-controller. It works adequately and fast. During my testing the Sanyo Xacti E6, I haven't encountered any deviated issues that would ask for attention. The camera obviously is a point-and-shoot model and is menu-controlled, excellent!
Sanyo E6 point-and-shoot digital camera
The Sanyo Cacti E6 lacks an abundance of buttons; it only contains six. And this amount is sufficient to get the most out of the Xacti E6. Personally I prefer a small amount of buttons on a camera like the Sanyo E6. We are dealing with a point-and-shoot camera and it should actually be just that. Sanyo has put a lot of possibilities into the menu and although working with a menu always slows you down, (you have to get through several steps to change a setting) it's still a pleasure to work with the Sanyo Xacti E6 thanks to the well thought-out structure of the menu.

Sanyo Xacti E6 - Photo & Video
Activating the menu of the Sanyo E6, a choice must be made between photo and video. Besides that, both settings have two options to choose from: scene and setting. The scene shows a row of coloured icons on the monitor, to make a choice from a scene with eventually a filter linked to it for effects. It's very simple but very functional. The setting offers access to various settings rendered in vertical tabs. The large sized monitor enables rendering of text and explanation about the chosen setting in an extensive way. Navigation is neat and fast and the menu is very well organized. I can't imagine having to use the user's manual, very friendly!
Sanyo Xacti E6 Sanyo Xacti E6
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