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Sanyo Xacti E6 Camera review | Camera
The Sanyo Xacti E6 is a marvellously designed digital camera with nicely rounded off corners. The housing feels solid and shows its quality. The designers of the Xacti E6 have applied various new techniques like the new size 3-inch format LCD monitor with improved G.U.I. (Graphics User Interface) structure and the so-called Touch sensor. The compact size of the camera requires a small memory card such as the Secure Digital (SD) memory card. This card has to be inserted at the bottom of the camera which holds the compartment that also contains the battery. Sanyo has gained a lot of experience on the field of video functions and speed improvements concerning focus and release button. Sanyo shows its best behaviour again with the Xacti E6, on the video area (MPEG4) as well as on the speed area by integrating the Touch sensor.
Sanyo Xacti E6 | Digital Camera Sanyo Xacti E6 | Digital Camera
Sanyo Xacti E6 fast camera
The housing of the Sanyo Xacti E6 feels extremely solid. The material is slightly matte so fingerprints don't stay behind on the surface. Startup time is swift as an arrow. The zoom lens remains inside the housing which saves a lot of time. In no-time the monitor lights up and the first image can be captured. The image sensor exists of a 1/2.5 inch 6 Megapixels sensor with a 3x optical zoom lens added to it. The resolution is more than sufficient to replace a 35mm camera.

Sanyo E6 - Lens and internal flash
The front of the camera shows some resemblance to the lid of a can with in the centre the beautifully integrated lens with right above it a small internal flash. The lens is neatly covered when the camera is deactivated. A tiny LED in between the lens and the internal flash functions as a self-timer. The rest of the front is carried out soberly and you could even say that the Sanyo Xacti E6 has some kind of retro look.

Sanyo E6 - Release button with Touch sensor
The top of the camera also has a tight design. The release button with the integrated Touch sensor features a nice shape and size and feels comfortable underneath your fingertip. Off centre the on/off switch is positioned, nicely integrated in the housing. Left from the power button a small loudspeaker is placed. And when we end up on one side of the camera the only thing we see here, next to two neatly covered screws, is a small microphone. The opposite side carries the eyelet for a wrist strap and below it the A/C adapter connection.
The bottom of the camera contains the battery/memory card compartment covered by a lid that is brilliantly incorporated in the round shapes of the camera. Next to the lid, the universal (plastic) tripod connection is found and the USB and A/V interface.

Sanyo Xacti E6 with a 3-inch LCD monitor
Turning the camera around we discover the powerful control centre. The pride and joy of the camera; the 3-inch monitor nearly covers the whole back of the E6. The monitor is well-protected by a scratchproof coating which makes carrying the camera around in your pocket free from damaging risks. Next to the monitor some four buttons are found. The zoom button has a round shape, which differs from other camera models and has a handy size. And last but not least; the multi controller is found here, containing various functions such as: flash settings, focus, exposure compensation etc. The button is also used for navigating through the menu of the Sanyo Xacti E6 digital camera.

Sanyo Xacti E6 - Gorgeous look
The design is truly fantastic with a gorgeous look on it. The camera has a shining appearance, a perfect hand-fit and of course a large LCD monitor which is a more than welcoming feature on the Xacti E6. The camera is not that light weighted which adds to the solid feeling. The material of the housing is of high quality and scratchproof. Sanyo has succeeded in placing a nice piece of technique into a stunningly designed housing. Whether design and quality can go hand in hand will be shown by the practical test!
Sanyo Xacti E6 Sanyo Xacti E6
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