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Nikon Coolpix S3 Camera review | Camera
If you are a design enthusiast, and if you take the Nikon Coolpix S3 in your hands for the first time, you will be devoted to it immediately. The camera is just gorgeous. The white housing of the Nikon S3 is extremely compact and neatly finished. I have had non-traditional Nikon designs in my hands before, but I was never over the moon about them. The Coolpix S3 feels solid and offers a perfect hand-fit. The neatly finished off corners, the fine finishing of the memory and battery compartment covers and the quality of the buttons make it complete. The use of aluminium on the Nikon S3 offers the great feature that hardly any user's tracks in the form of fingerprints stay behind.
Nikon Coolpix S3 | Digital Camera Nikon Coolpix S3 | Digital Camera
Nikon Coolpix S3 - Large LCD monitor
The large sized monitor on the back immediately attracts all attention. The back seems to be covered entirely with the 2.5-inch screen. It took a while before Nikon was capable or acknowledged the importance of a large sized screen. We had to settle for 1.5 - 1.8-inch size monitors for a long time; but introducing the 2.5-inch format seems to finally get rid of the small ones. The optical viewfinder has lost its existence and I must admit, I don't miss it at all. The large size monitor makes up for the loss. Another aspect Nikon designers had to tackle is the following; the cameras are becoming smaller and thinner with every generation, the monitors however are getting bigger, so less room is left for the amount of buttons needed to operate the camera in a normal way. It seems that the size monitor and the number of buttons barely go together on the back and I wonder what Nikon's solution will be when the 2.5-inch sized monitor is getting replaced by a 3-inch. Will this solution be a Touch screen? Anyhow, the operation of the buttons doesn't suffer from any inconvenience. Both, position and functionality, are very logical.

Nikon S3 - Internal flash and optical zoom
The front of the Coolpix S3 camera has a tight fresh appearance. The small optical zoom lens is neatly protected by a tiny slide. In the centre of the S3 the internal flash is positioned. The flash is nicely integrated in the housing. A circle around the optical lens make it aesthetically well-balanced. Completely in the corner on the front side of the camera a small LED is placed serving as the AF-Assist illuminator and at the same time as a warning signal when using the self-timer. To complete the picture, Nikon left their brand and model name on the front.
Nikon Coolpix S3 - Small release button
The top side of the Nikon S3 camera shows the same design as the rest of the camera. The release button is quite small, but is easy to operate. Next to it a small LED is found that indicates whether or not the camera is activated. The small format of the S3 doesn't leave a lot of room to work with large buttons. Despite the small size of for example the on/off switch, it can be operated easily. Pressing this button just a little bit longer than usual will activate the camera; this is handy for preventing deactivating the camera accidentally. Integrated in the white surface a tiny loudspeaker is found on the top side of the S3. The silver coloured touch carries on around the edge to the side of the camera where a wrist strap eyelet is hidden. Below it a nicely finished cover is situated, covering the memory compartment in a beautiful way. Nail biting users will have problems opening it, because you definitely need a nail to open it, after which a Secure Digital memory card can be inserted in the camera.

Coolpix S3 - Nikon MV-11 COOLstation and battery department
You will see the bottom side of the Nikon Coolpix S3 digital camera now and then when changing the small battery. The battery compartment is also neatly covered by a solid cover. Sliding it to the side will open the cover. It might occur sometimes that the battery is launched when opening a compartment with the risk of damaging the battery as it falls out of the compartment. Not with this Coolpix S3! Nikon has carefully added an extra safety catch to prevent the battery from falling out, well done! The cover of this compartment has a tiny edge that contains the multi-connector. The connector connects to the standard delivered Nikon MV-11 COOLstation. Through this station the battery is recharged, the images can be watched on a television and the images can be transferred onto a computer. All of these actions are also possible without the station. Furthermore we find a (plastic) tripod connection, placed a little off-centre, but I doubt there will be many users placing a camera like the Coolpix S3 on a tripod.
Nikon Coolpix S3 Nikon Coolpix S3
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