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Konica-Minolta DiMAGE X1 Digital camera review | Introduction
Konica Minolta DiMAGE X1 digital camera review : The contemporary digital compact cameras have gone beyond just being functional; they have also proven themselves an excellent asset to flaunt. For a certain amount of consumers, the cameras looks even outweigh its actual performance. Because of this, many of today's shop windows are filled with the most lavishly designed cameras, each and every one even smoother and more stunning than the next. All of these cameras, however, have one main thing in common: they are all perfectly suited to take good quality photos. The Konica Minolta DiMAGE X1 does indeed qualify as a design camera, its appearance seems to almost exceed its functionality.

Konica Minolta DiMAGE X1 - Large LCD monitor
However, a digital camera such as the Konica Minolta X1 is far from being called a bad choice; with no less than eight Megapixels and a 3x optical zoom, the DiMAGE X1 easily meets the basic requirements for a compact camera. In addition, a good format LCD with a diameter of 2.5-inch has been placed on the back of the camera. Just as one would expect from a design camera, the looks of the Konica Minolta DiMAGE X1 come across absolutely stunning. During the test periods, I received unprecedented attention with the camera. After having said that, I should perhaps concede that it was not yours truly that attracted such undivided curiosity, it was mainly Konica Minolta's latest gem that captivated people's interest. Therefore I have to admit that the designers at Konica Minolta have truly put in tremendous effort to create a genuine design extravaganza.

Konica Minolta X1 - CxProcess III processor
Naturally, there is more to a digital camera than design alone. It is what's inside that counts, a sound piece of advice that we too have often had whispered into our ear. To achieve just this, Konica Minolta has used one of their own developments, the CxProcess III processor. In combination with the lens, this should lead to spectacular results. Theoretically, this is far from easily accomplished, as the Konica Minolta X1 has a resolution of 8 Megapixels. On a small image sensor, this can quickly lead to a lot of digital noise with higher ISO values and other unpleasant things such as purple fringing and a smaller dynamic range. However, with Konica Minolta's vast array of experience, we are keen to see our expectations met.

Konica Minolta X1 review
The lens of the X1 camera is rather small, but does however have a range of 37-117 mm when compared to a 35mm camera. The fact that Konica Minolta has managed to achieve this, should beyond question be looked upon with sheer admiration. Naturally, a considerable amount of knowledge had already been acquired from the previous models from the Konica Minolta X-series. The Konica Minolta DiMAGE X1 has promising specifications and a beautiful design. To see whether these two assets really do form a perfect combination, we have had the opportunity to test the camera for a considerable amount of time. The results can be read in the following Konica Minolta DiMAGE X1 review.

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Konica-Minolta DiMAGE X1 | Digital Camera

  Konica-Minolta DiMAGE X1
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