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Canon Digital IXUS i Zoom Camera review | Conclusion
Canon Digital IXUS i Zoom stylish designed digital camera
The Canon Digital IXUS i Zoom is a descendant of the already famous digital IXUS family. Its very compact and stylishly designed; a real eye-catcher. The camera is easy to use; the compact dimensions with the size of a cell phone enable carrying the camera with you wherever you go. The camera offers many creative possibilities and you won't easily or quickly get bored with the Canon Digital IXUS i Zoom.

Canon Digital IXUS i - Small LCD monitor
The small compact size made the monitor's format on the back of the camera get stuck on 1.8 inch and that is really rather undersized. Especially since there is no optical viewfinder on the camera a 2 inch size would have been the minimal requirement. On the other side, it's a plus that this new model gained an optical zoom lens compared with its predecessor, but it's a pity it ranges only until a limited 2.4x zoom. A small advantage comes with that because it forces you to approach your object closer so the internal flash will immediately have a larger impact. The effective range of the flash is rather limited with 2 meters in wide angle and only 1.3 meters in telephoto mode. Something that you really have to consider when photographing with flash!

Digital IXUS i Zoom - Fast camera
The ease of operating the IXUS i Zoom in practice is a pleasant experience. The users interface is logically arranged and the operation is straightforward. The design of the camera is truly amazing and the striking colour completes it. The camera responds nicely fast, starting up happens in a blink of the eye. Only when using the flash, the speed becomes a downer; it takes approximately 6.5 seconds to recharge the flash!

Canon IXUS i - Balanced exposure & ISO
The images look fine with a balanced exposure. The resolution of the images is high with fine detail. The camera features some ISO settings at which the quality of signal/noise ratio until and including ISO 200 stays within the limits. At ISO 400 a larger amount of noise is visible. Also when printing some of the test images, more noise is visible at ISO 400, although less significant. The noise pattern is less disturbing and seems to be divided equally on the colour channels.

Canon Digital i Zoom - Auto white balance
Auto white balance does a good job. The camera tends to go for a warm tone, but this is mainly experienced as being pleasant. The colour reproduction is nicely strong and especially images rich in contrast and colour dominating images tend to stand out (positively). Particularly the red and blue tones are stronger emphasized. The Canon Digital IXUS i Zoom scores excellently with macro images. These images are sharp with rich detail, and hardly show any blur on the edges of the image. Surprising is the positive effect that the small internal flash has. Almost without shadows, this flash is capable of exposing a macro image from very closely, excellent! The optical zoom lens has a few typical deviations in wide angle, but hardly worth mentioning. The telephoto is great. Some chromatic aberration can be detected, but again, Canon is definitely in control of it!

Canon Digital IXUS i Zoom - Excellent digital camera
Concluding we may say that Canon once again added an excellent digital camera to the rich Digital IXUS range of cameras. The Canon Digital IXUS i Zoom is not perfect but the target group will certainly appreciate this camera. It has its limits but on the other side; it offers a heck of a lot too. The scales definitely turn to a positive appraisal. As a point-and-shoot camera the IXUS i Zoom is a resounding success. It's not a versatile digital camera but Canon doesn't pretend that either. A beautiful design combined with excellent user friendliness has to guarantee success. A recommendable camera for the user that is looking for a trendy design, fine photo quality and user friendliness!

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Canon Digital IXUS i Zoom | Digital Camera


Canon Digital IXUS i Zoom
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