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Digital Camera Specifications

Canon Digital IXUS i Zoom Camera review | Control
The Canon IXUS i Zoom has a low threshold meaning that taking a picture can be directly carried out without a problem. Just press the on/off switch on top of the camera, wait for one second and then press the button which is the only thing you have to do to capture your precious moment. The users interface of the Digital IXUS i Zoom is quite straightforward. The uncomplicated menu structure is characteristic for a good point-and-shoot camera: offering speed and simplicity. It won't take an hour to go through the delivered manual and then you will have sorted out the camera. In practice you will also be able to learn most functions and settings without reading the menu thoroughly.
Canon Digital IXUS i Zoom | Digital Camera Canon Digital IXUS i Zoom | Digital Camera
Canon Digital IXUS i - Multi-controller
The frequently used functions and settings are found under the scarce amount of buttons on the back of the camera. The multi-controller serves for various functions. Firstly you can use this button to navigate through the menu. When the camera is set to record mode, the right arrow lets you choose from the flash settings (auto, red-eye correction, fill-in, fill-in with red-eye correction and slow-sync). The left arrow lets you directly select from single image, continuous shooting and self-timer. The upper and down arrows are used for zooming. If the camera is set to Play mode, the upper arrow lets you enlarge the images digitally and the Func/Set button lets you scroll through the image. The bottom button serves as recycle bin. The other left and right arrows serve to scroll through the stored images or video clips.

IXUS i Zoom digital camera - Battery compartment
The battery compartment has to be accessed from the side of the camera. Placing the battery is simple. Very functional is the small catch that keeps the battery in its place after inserting it. The camera's ease of operation is amazing. The only minus of the entire configuration is the rather small monitor and the somewhat limited zoom of 2.4x. Small advantage is that you are forced approaching your object a lot closer which means you will stay within the effective flash range which increases the chance of a successful photo.
Canon IXUS i camera - Print/Share button
The Canon IXUS i Zoom camera is equipped with the so-called Print/Share button. This makes printing photos directly from the camera on a (Canon) printer extremely simple. And believe it or not, Canon has just introduced a new series of printers. For example the Canon SELPHY CP510 for handy postcard sized photos. This extremely compact photo printer supports PictBridge and Canon Direct Print, which enables printing directly from the Canon Digital IXUS i Zoom digital camera without interference of a computer. In practice this is astonishingly functional. As soon as the CP510 printer is ready printing the photo, a protection coating is automatically added to the photo. Connecting the camera onto a notebook or a computer enables transferring photos in a speedy way through the same Print/Share button.

Canon Digital IXUS i - Well-organized menu
The menu of the camera is well-organized and it's activated by the menu button. Navigation is smooth, and various settings can be set to your own desires in a functional way. Canon are also ahead of their competitors concerning the amount of language possibilities the menu offers. From a lot of practical experiences and various consumer surveys it turns out that consumers prefer to read manuals for electronic devices like digital cameras in their own language. And despite the many English terms it still adds to the user-friendliness when the local language is available, well done Canon!
Canon Digital IXUS i Zoom Canon Digital IXUS i Zoom
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