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Canon Digital IXUS i Zoom Camera review | Camera
The new Canon IXUS i Zoom has a beautiful appearance and is unmistakably a member of the IXUS family. The stunning contours of the housing and the attractively rounded off edges make the red/silver coloured Canon IXUS i Zoom a real eye-catcher. The camera feels solid and despite its compact size it has a perfect hand-fit. The startup time of the camera is extremely fast; the lens extends within no-time, which adds to the user-friendliness. The IXUS i Zoom is a real point-and-shoot digital camera but it still offers more than just auto mode. The camera is nicely compact and remains compact even when the 2.4 optical zoom lens is extended completely. The material of the camera gives a solid feeling, though it is remarkable that our model shows some scratches here and there, so it's not that scratchproof.
Canon Digital IXUS i Zoom | Digital Camera Canon Digital IXUS i Zoom | Digital Camera
Canon Digital IXUS i Zoom - Design
The outstanding small model has the ideal dimensions (96.1 x 45.1 x 23.9mm) for carrying around. The weight of the camera is only 105 grams. The front of the camera has an astonishing appearance, beautiful contours in red and silver. The small zoom lens is placed off centre on the right side and is neatly hidden inside the housing when the camera is deactivated. Up right in the top corner we find the internal flash with next to it a small LED serving as AF-assistant lamp, red-eye reduction and self-timer indicator. A miniscule spot left from the lens is the microphone. When we turn the camera halfway up, viewing the top side, we find the release button, the on/off button and a loud speaker designed with the same shape as the release button.

Canon IXUS i - Battery & Memory card compartment
The side of the IXUS i Zoom offers place to the compartment that contains both battery and memory card. The lid of the compartment is completely integrated in the housing and covers the compartment very neatly. The SD card and Lithium-Ion battery are nicely hidden inside. Canon made sure to place a small lock in the compartment to prevent the battery from falling out and getting damaged when opening the compartment. Next to the cover, the eyelet for the wrist strap is positioned. The opposite side of the Canon Digital IXUS i Zoom doesn't seem to have a function, perhaps just to serve as support for the camera when it's put down vertically. When you carry the camera around your neck with a strap, the logo and brand name of the camera become horizontally readable.

Canon Digital IXUS i - Control center
The i Zoom's control centre is found on the back side. To be honest it's an over the top name for the amount of buttons found on this side; only five! The compact dimensions of the camera forced Canon to equip the IXUS i Zoom with a 1.8 monitor.
Personally I find that a bit poor and in my opinion the camera should have been equipped with a 2 inch sized one. The i Zoom camera lacks an optical viewfinder; the monitor takes over its job. A 3-way controller offers choices for Playback, Movie and photo mode. Below that the Print/Share button is positioned with in the middle of it a blue LED that lights up when the camera is ready to transfer or print images. We also find the well-known multi- selector here, or as it is also called: the 4-way controller. This button lets you navigate through the menu and lets you adjust functions like macro and flash. Furthermore it serves as zoom button, in fact, it's a multi-functional button as you can see. Which leaves us to mention the menu and set button.

Canon Digital i Zoom - Metal bottem side
When coming to the bottom of the Digital IXUS i Zoom, we see a nicely finished metal bottom side. Placed off centre the universal tripod connection enables placing the camera on a tripod. Will this happen in practice? I don't suppose so. Furthermore we find the so-called Camera Station interface for connecting the camera when it's placed in the station. This connection delivers the energy to the Canon Digital i Zoom, the Li-ion battery gets recharged and images can be transferred to a computer or notebook.

Canon Digital IXUS i - Solid housing
As mentioned before: the Canon Digital IXUS i Zoom's design is beautiful, or even astonishing. The material feels solid and the camera lies perfectly in your hand. Bystanders presume they're looking at a cell phone when they see me with the camera, which is not such a strange presumption looking at the design of the i Zoom. As far as design is concerned Canon succeeded once again in adding a classic camera to the IXUS series of digital cameras.
Canon Digital IXUS i Zoom Canon Digital IXUS i Zoom
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