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Canon Digital IXUS 750 Camera review | Adjustments
First and foremost, the Canon Digital IXUS 750 is meant for the trendy snap shooter. Generally, this type of photographer isn't keen on difficult choices such as aperture. That is why the Canon IXUS 750 does not allow adjustments to shutter speed or aperture. There is, however, plenty left to alter on the IXUS 750. This doesn't just concern image quality; sufficient options are offered for light metering, various corrections can be applied to the exposure and it is possible to adjust the colours.
Canon Digital IXUS 750 | Digital Camera Canon Digital IXUS 750 | Digital Camera
Canon Digital IXUS 750 camera - Function button
The most important shooting settings can be accessed through the Function button in the middle of the four-way controller. The default settings, however, are perfectly sufficient. Personally, I have a tendency to immediately go for the absolute highest quality, thus picking the highest resolution with the lowest available compression. Tests with higher compression, and therefore smaller files, were impressive. The Canon IXUS 750 handles the JPEG compression very well indeed, so if you want to store extra photos on a memory card, you can easily use the setting 'Fine' instead of 'Super Fine'. Should a poster sized print be printed, the advice is to apply the 'Super Fine' setting.

Canon IXUS 750 - Spot and center weighted metering
Traditional cameras rarely featured spot metering but for digital compact cameras it seems to have become a standard. This is no different for the Canon IXUS 750 that, in addition, also has center weighted metering. I've wondered more than once how often this will be used with a camera such as this one, but fair enough, it is available. The standard multi-segment metering will suffice in at least 99 out of a 100 cases. Should you want to under- or overexpose a subject, then this is also possible with the Canon IXUS 750. The large monitor on the back of the camera lets you easily check the image.

Canon Digital 750 camera - White balance
To adjust colours, a proper white balance is of vital importance. The automatic white balance does a good job, but in artificial light it could at times be advisable to choose the preset white balance. This isn't something limited to the Canon IXUS 750, it is something that occurs frequently with many digital cameras. Should the white balance still not be as desired, the user can even create his own white balance. My personal experience is that most users aren't fully aware of the white balance's function and is therefore virtually always left on automatic. The colours can be adjusted via the effects. Here you will find the options: off, saturation, neutral, sepia and black&white.
This means there are plenty of opportunities to play with the image beforehand. By taking the time to experiment with the settings a little in practice, you will learn to recognize the behaviour of your camera. This way you will soon feel secure enough to try out certain effects. It leaves a lot of space for the user's own creativity!

Digital IXUS 750 camera - Grid lines
A rather clever setting is the option for grid lines, especially when photographing a landscape or building. In such cases you would, after all, want a perfectly straight photo, and that is where the grid lines come in handy. It can be activated via the menu. Working with grid lines may appear to some as if they are trying to look through a coarsely knitted net, but once you have gotten used to it, you will see the grid lines as an ingenious aid. In the menu you can also opt to work with slow shutter speeds. This is perfect for night shots; it enables you to capture the beautiful night sky. Make sure to pay attention to movements caused by jitter and therefore unclear pictures; before you know it, every night shot could end up with stripy subjects. This can easily be solved with a small tripod.

Canon IXUS 750 camera - Preset scene modes
Through the preset scene modes the Canon Digital IXUS 750 will make several choices for the user. All in all, nine different situations have been programmed, including settings for Snow, Beach, Fireworks and Underwater. In these cases the IXUS 750 automatically chooses the white balance, sensitivity, image transportation and flash. This is ideal when you don't want to put too much thought into taking the photo, or if you are not yet fully experienced. Plenty of opportunities are given to experiment.

Canon Digital IXUS 750 digital camera
Altogether, the Canon Digital IXUS 750 has not got that much to offer to the semi-professional or experienced photographer. It is as if the camera almost thinks for itself, it doesn't require much input, leaving the user free to concentrate on the composition and subject of the actual photo.
Canon Digital IXUS 750 Canon Digital IXUS 750
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