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Canon Digital IXUS 750 Camera review | Control
It is one thing to design an attractive looking digital camera; however, if it proves difficult to operate, the camera will not sell. This has been more than apparent to Canon, and they've put genuine effort into making the Canon IXUS 750 user-friendly. It is not just the experienced photographers that find the Canon 750 easily manageable. When I handed the camera over to a few inexperienced users, it took only a short time before they too could take photos without any help or assistance. This tells us a lot about the well-considered concept. All of the buttons are logically located and easily accessible. This may seem obvious where a compact camera is concerned, but there certainly are cameras that are a lot less easy to operate. After pushing the on/off switch, the lens extends. After approximately 1 second the camera is ready to take the first photo, a rather impressive feature!
Canon Digital IXUS 750 | Digital Camera Canon Digital IXUS 750 | Digital Camera
Canon Digital IXUS 750 - Menu
In most cases the monitor will be used to take the actual photos. That's why it is of vital importance that the screen receives sufficient feedback about the adjusted settings. Either a little or a lot of information can be acquired, depending on what the user prefers. A live histogram, however, is not available. The default settings can be decided via the menu. In the menu you will find things such as energy saving modes, digital zoom and the brightness of the monitor. Canon has always been rather persistent when it comes to their menu setup. This structure is very clear and thoroughly thought-out. One of Canon's other strong points is that the menu can be read in many different languages. After all, it still works best when the text can be read in one's native language.

Canon IXUS 750 - Four-way controller
Most shooting settings can be operated via the small button located in the center of the four-way controller. This includes, among other things, exposure correction, white balance, colour settings, image quality and light metering. The choice in settings depends on the recording mode. When using the automatic and pre-set scene modes, only the quality can be adjusted. When the camera is set to M, all options are available. This may at first cause some temporary confusion for the less experienced photographer, but it does not take long to discover how the camera should be operated.

Canon IXUS 750 - ISO settings
A number of other, frequently used options can be set through the four-way controller. This concerns the flash setting, sensitivity, image speed and whether you want to take a macro or landscape picture. Personally, I find it convenient that once the camera is on self-timer, the Canon Digital IXUS 750 remembers this and does not jump back to the original setting after each shot.
A small disadvantage perhaps, is that you constantly have to keep pushing the ISO button to change the sensitivity. You can only go one way, so it takes several pushes to go from ISO 100 to ISO 50. During the play mode the four-way controller has other functions: up means turning the picture, if you move the controller downwards, the recycle bin is activated. This is logically indicated by the blue symbols.

Canon Digital IXUS 750 - Focus point
By pushing the release button halfway-down, the auto focus becomes active. With the AiAF the IXUS 750 automatically chooses one or more focus points. The Canon IXUS 750 can focus on more than one point, because the focus takes place on the image sensor. If you prefer to decide the focus point yourself, AiAF should be deactivated in the menu. Focussing is carried out pleasantly fast, even in dimly lit situations. In such circumstances the AF-assist illuminator springs into action. Either way, the result will be a good, accurate and correctly focussed image.

Digital IXUS 750 camera - PictBridge
Once the photos have been stored, which happens surprisingly fast, they can be sent to a computer or printer. The Canon IXUS 750 comes, I'd almost say "naturally", supplied with PictBridge. When a USB cable is used to connect the Digital IXUS 750 to a PictBridge compatible printer, it takes only one push of a button to get a beautiful print. These days more and more printers are PictBridge-enabled. Canon too has quite an impressive range of large and smaller printers, for instance, the Canon SELPHY DS810.
Canon Digital IXUS 750 Canon Digital IXUS 750
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