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Canon Digital IXUS 750 Camera review | Camera
With the IXUS line, Canon has created something truly impressive. The IXUS line dates back to the time of the APS film cameras and had already enjoyed a significant amount of popularity. Therefore it is only logical that Canon has carried this line through to their digital cameras. IXUS has after all evolved into being considerably more than just a name, it has practically become a brand in itself. Consequently, it came as no surprise that Canon Digital IXUS ranked as the third coolest brand in the Netherlands in 2004, right behind Apple and Coca-Cola. The Canon Digital IXUS 750 digital camera does indeed fit smoothly into the series. A compact camera with a stunning design!
Canon Digital IXUS 750 | Digital Camera Canon Digital IXUS 750 | Digital Camera
Canon Digital IXUS 750 - Metal design camera
A striking aspect of the Canon IXUS 750 is its weight. Many other design cameras are rather light and often come in plastic. Such is not the case with the IXUS 750. Due to the amount of metal used, the IXUS 750 certainly isn't a light weight. This should however not be seen as a disadvantage. On the contrary, the camera feels remarkably pleasant and solid. The IXUS 750 camera can definitely take some wear-and-tear. Thanks to the rounded corners of the Canon IXUS 750, the photographer always has a good, comfortable grip on the camera.

Canon IXUS 750 - 3x optical zoom lens
Most of the camera's front is taken up by a 3x optical zoom lens with an impressive zoom range. On the upper right side of the lens a small but powerful flash has been placed. The optical viewfinder is located just above the lens. The necessity of such viewfinder should perhaps be questioned, as it shows only a small part of what will eventually be in the photo, and there is no information given in the viewfinder. On the right side of the viewfinder is the led that, among other things, signals when the self timer is activated and functions as an AF-assistance illuminator. The tiny opening on the front side functions as a microphone.

Digital IXUS 750 digital camera - Connections
On top of the camera a loudspeaker is found in the shape of a fan; Canon truly has an eye for great detail! The on/off switch of the Digital IXUS 750 lies sunk down in the body and is easily operated. A small led signals when the camera is switched on. The button for operating the zoom is located around the large shutter release button, and can be used during recording as well as whilst viewing the images in play mode. Both the tripod connection and the small lid for the Secure Digital (SD) memory card and battery can be found on the bottom side of the camera. The battery has been double-locked to ensure it won't to drop from the camera by accident. This small lid is supplied with a good quality spring and can be closed accurately. Once the Canon IXUS 750 is on the tripod, the lid can not be opened. This might prove to be somewhat of a burden when changing the battery.
A remarkable feature is the catch located on the lid, which makes it possible to connect an A/C power adapter to the Canon 750. The eyelet for the wrist strap can be found on the right side of the Canon IXUS 750. The USB and video connections are obscured from view by a small cover right above this eyelet. When the cover is closed, one can hardly see it's there. A perfect example of stunning design!

Canon IXUS 750 camera - Big LCD display
Most time, however, will be taken up by looking at the back side of the camera. The optical viewfinder is located on top, flanked by two warning lights, indicating whether or not the focus was successful. These lights also signal when the camera is ready to record. A pleasantly large screen can be found just below the viewfinder. There's barely any space left on the back of the camera. The fact that Canon too will now be using 2.5-inch screens can only be seen as an advantage. As you will almost always be taking photos via the monitor, a large monitor is an absolutely essential feature. The monitor is of good quality and offers sufficient information. The control centre of the camera is located on the right side of the monitor. Here you can find the buttons with which the camera can be operated, the command dial for record- and play modes is the topmost one. A small button with a little blue led inside enables the user to send his photos via PictBridge. The four-way controller below manages the most important settings, such as sensitivity, flash mode, image speed and the macro or landscape modes. The most important button, the one that confirms changes made in the menu and enables the user to make essential choices, can be found in the center of the four-way controller. Apart from the indispensable menu button, a dial can be found to adjust the screen reproduction.

Canon Digital IXUS 750 compact camera
The Canon Digital IXUS 750 digital camera is without a doubt one of the most beautiful compact cameras available in the current market. Not only is the Canon IXUS 750 a stunning looking camera, it is also a camera with a perfectly complete design. Utmost attention has been paid to every single detail. The camera comes in a very solid body made of good quality metal, it is quite clear that no cheap plastics have been used to create this camera.
Canon Digital IXUS 750 Canon Digital IXUS 750
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