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Canon EOS 5D Camera review | Storage and Energy
A 12 Megapixel digital reflex camera requires a lot of memory capacity. The Canon EOS 5D only complies with CompactFlash memory cards. A logical choice, since most D-SLR cameras use these cards. The CompactFlash memory card is relatively low-priced, and available with large capacities. It is a remarkable fact that the EOS 5D still uses the reliable BP-511 battery, that we are familiar with from the Canon EOS D30. Therefore, those photographers changing over from an older body may continue to use the older versions of chargers and batteries without a problem.
Canon EOS 5D | Digital Camera Canon EOS 5D | Digital Camera
SanDisk Extreme III CompactFlash memory card
A RAW image takes up approximately 13MB of memory; this is quite a big file. As we see, a high capacitive memory card is not just luxury. While testing, I used the 1GB SanDisk Extreme III CompactFlash memory card. That is the minimum capacity requirement for this camera. JPEG may still be okay, but personally I prefer shooting in RAW to have more possibilities to play with. The amount of images that fit on a card also depends on the sensitivity. Higher sensitivities take up more capacity. The table below shows the amount of ISO 100 images that fit on a 1GB card. I always advise a 2GB memory card as a minimum memory card. The EOS 5D supports the 4 and 8 GB CompactFlash memory cards as well.

Considering 1GB of storage capacity:
RAW - 4368x2912 pixels - 12,9 MB - 58 images
JPEG large - fine - 4368x2912 pixels - 4,6 MB - 202 images
JPEG large - normal - 4368x2912 pixels - 2,3 MB - 392 images
JPEG average - fine - 3168x2112 pixels - 2,7 MB - 336 images
JPEG average - normal - 3168x2112 pixels - 1,4 MB - 638 images
JPEG small - fine - 2496x1664 pixels - 2,0 MB - 466 images
JPEG small - normal - 2496x1664 pixels - 1,0 MB - 892 images

Resolution - RAW + JPEG large - fine - 44 images
Resolution - RAW + JPEG large - normal - 50 images
Resolution - RAW + JPEG average - fine - 48 images
Resolution - RAW + JPEG average - normal - 52 images
Resolution - RAW + JPEG small - fine - 50 images
Resolution - RAW + JPEG small - normal - 54 images
Canon 5D SLR camera - Huge buffer
The buffer of the Canon EOS 5D is huge, some 60 JPEG images of the best quality fit, or 17 RAW photos. During buffering the images are written on the memory card at the same time so the main storage memory is used efficiently. And the DIGIC II processor of course is definitely doing good service here. The use of a speedy card, like the SanDisk Extreme III is highly recommendable. It empties the buffer completely in less than 30 seconds. When shooting in JPEG you can fill up a 1GB card completely with 3 frames per second without having to wait in the meantime. This is an impressive performance! In RAW you will have to wait after 20 images but still then you can carry on shooting with 1 image per second. The viewfinder shows the status of the buffer, but unfortunately the teller stops at nine.

Canon EOS 5D - BP-511 (A) Lithium-Ion battery
Canon sticks to the well-known BP-511 (A) Lithium-Ion battery. It's used in the EOS 5D. A good choice in itself for it raises the compatibility between the various models. A fully loaded battery can shoot as many as 800 pictures on room temperature, according to Canon. I did not reach that amount during testing, but 500 up to 600 was not a problem at all. This means that the camera uses its energy in an economical way because the EOS 10D, using the same battery, is capable of less images than the EOS 5D.

Canon EOS 5D camera - NiMH AA batteries
For those who want to be on the safe side concerning the energy, or if you prefer the use of NiMH AA batteries, then the Canon BG-ED4 battery grip comes in handy. Additionally it is equipped with a vertical release button and extra buttons, which also adds to the user's convenience. The BG-ED4 holder can take two Canon batteries or through the delivered holder six AA batteries. So if it should happen that you are left without energy, you can also run to the nearest shop to purchase some alkaline batteries and fill up your camera with them.
Canon EOS 5D Canon EOS 5D
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