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Canon EOS 5D Camera review | Adjustments
A camera should be a natural extension of the photographer. Therefore it's extremely important that the photographer can set the camera to its own preferences. Not only should there be enough possibilities to adjust the image quality, but sometimes you just want a button on a different spot. The Canon EOS 5D enables this by means of personal functions. To adjust a photo beforehand, the new Picture Style is at service. And when photographing in RAW you can adjust the Picture Styles afterwards.
Canon EOS 5D | Digital Camera Canon EOS 5D | Digital Camera
Canon 5D SLR camera - Exposure
All shooting functions can be operated directly on the camera. And that's how it should be for camera of this level. The Canon EOS 5D offers full automatic exposure (P), fully manual exposure and every possibility in between these two. It even offers green mode, which deactivates many options but this mode is mainly meant for the buyer with too much money, not knowing a clue about photography, I suppose. I consider the amateur photographer to select aperture priority as his/her first choice. Don't select a too large aperture because the depth of field is a lot smaller than on the EOS 20D for example. I, myself made a mistake with it a few times.

Canon EOS 5D - Sensitivity
On the front of the camera next to the top LCD, a threesome buttons is found with a double function. It depends on the fact whether you're working with the foremost dial or the hindmost dial what is being set. It might take some time but once acquainted with it, it's very simple. One of the settings found on that spot is the sensitivity. Standard settings are ISO 100 up to 1600, but these values can be enhanced via the menu to ISO 50 and ISO 3200. All sensitivities are outstandingly useful. Even ISO 3200 delivers beautiful noise-free pictures. I had to check the EXIF data frequently to see if I was really using ISO 3200 and that the image rendered really was an ISO 3200 image. But the EOS 5D not only impresses on the noise, also the dynamic range is impressive. In evening and night shots, the detail was clear in the dark as well as the light areas on the image. The images were so beautiful; it remains a joy to view them. Very impressive!

Canon 5D - Metering systems
The Canon EOS 5D is equipped with a threesome light metering systems: multi-segment metering, center weighted metering and spot metering. Moreover it's a real spot metering and not an evaluative metering like on the EOS 20D. Canon has gained a lot of experience with multi-segment metering and the result may be seen: the EOS 5D's multi-segment metering offers an outstanding result in most cases. If it's necessary to correct the exposure a simple turn of the main command dial will do. To prevent the command dial from getting turned accidentally it may be switched off. I would say fortunately, because I'm rather positive I'm not the only person playing around with the buttons while waiting for taking the next shot.

Canon SLR - Picture Style
One remarkable setting is the Picture Style. It can't be compared anymore with the parameters we know from the Canon EOS 20D. Every Picture Style has its own set of settings for sharpening, contrast, saturation and colour tone. It's possible to simulate a colour filter when shooting in black & white. It saves you the hassle of working with separate filters. The real advantage of Picture Style and the real works, you will see photographing in RAW and reviewing the captured photos in the standard delivered Digital Photo Professional. It's also possible to create your own Picture Style in the Canon EOS 5D. Some experimenting with it is required, but after that you are very well able to adjust the image to your own wishes.
Canon EOS 5D reflex camera - Focus points
The menu of the EOS 5D will not cause any problems for Canon users. It's arranged the usual Canon way, clear and in many languages. Nothing is more pleasant than to be able reading the menu in your own language, my compliments for Canon because they consistently do this. The large monitor makes the menu easy to read, which works really pleasant. The menu consists of one large page and Jump lets you scroll quickly through the menu.

Canon EOS 5D - Pre-programmed settings
However, it's not only the Picture Styles that play an important role in order to get a good colour reproduction. The white balance is even considered more important. The Canon EOS 5D features a number of pre-programmed settings, the automatic and the manual white balance. The auto white balance is excellent. If you prefer a warmer or cooler image, you can simply adjust the white balance. And a series of slightly different white balance settings is available. These are all matters that might be of great importance to a professional photographer.

Canon 5D digital camera - RAW and JPEG
The Canon EOS 5D is equipped with an abundance of possibilities for storing images. Three different resolutions, each of them containing two choices for JPEG compression are available as well as RAW. And you can store in RAW and JPEG at the same time, at which all options for JPEG are still open. This is very good and it offers a lot of freedom. The algorithms Canon uses to make JPEG are excellent, only at low resolutions and the highest compression artifacts show. The JPEG in the highest mode is close to a RAW image converted to TIFF. But shooting in RAW offers many more possibilities to correct an image endlessly. For example when the wrong white balance is chosen or the wrong colour space. Besides sRGB colour space, the Canon 5D obviously offers the possibility to work in AdobeRGB. Especially for editing afterwards this colour space is advised and in fact the Pro can't do without it.

Canon 5D D-SLR - Setting possibilities
The number of setting possibilities is unlimited. There is much more to adjust than I have mentioned in this camera review. It might be useful to check and study the comprehensible user's manual. You will probably find settings that you never thought you'd meet. To prevent forgetting your favourite setting accidentally, you can store it. The command dial for the exposure programmes carries a C, (Custom) for your own settings.

Canon EOS 5D camera - Lens
In practise the combination of the Canon EOS 5D with the EF 24-105 f/4 L IS USM works excellently. Although you may notice that the sensor asks a lot from the lens, because every small lens failure can be noticed. Vignetting is rather obvious in the 24mm setting, certainly until an aperture of f/8. The corner sharpness is not at its best either. Still the lens is an excellent alternative for the more expensive and more light-sensitive 2.8 lenses. The IS image stabilisation compensates for the stop light. The overall impression of the lens is high quality and certainly worthy the Canon EOS 5D.
Canon EOS 5D Canon EOS 5D
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