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Digital Camera Specifications

Kodak EasyShare V550 Camera review | Adjustments
The amount of settings on the Kodak EasyShare V550 is rather restricted, but that shouldn't be an obstacle. White balance is adjusted accordingly to the scene. There is enough feedback available on the monitor, about the changes and adjustments. But the photographer mainly has to trust the camera making the right decisions. All pictures are being stored in JPEG format in a fixed compression. Therefore it is rather difficult to try and correct an error on the image afterwards. The possibility to store an image in RAW format, (a so-called 'original negative') a format that is rising in popularity, would provide better correction possibilities. Although I don't think that the average user of the EasyShare V550 camera finds it of great importance.
Kodak EasyShare V550 | Digital Camera Kodak EasyShare V550 | Digital Camera
Kodak V550 camera - Scene modes
The Kodak EasyShare V550 contains a heap of scene modes. There seems to be one available for every occasion. From the well-known portrait and sports mode, to party and museum. It's a matter of selecting the scene that is most similar to the scenery you find yourself in at that specific moment and the camera will do the rest. On top of being able to choose a scene mode, you can program your own mode too, which comes in very handy. Just the flash setting can not be stored in the camera's memory.

Kodak EasyShare V550 - White balance
The V550 camera features a limited amount of settings. For example, the white balance on the Kodak EasyShare V550 has only 5 modes to choose from: auto, daylight, incandescent, tungsten, open shade. Fortunately the auto white balance is nearly always correct. But tungsten and incandescent ask for the corresponding white balance. It delivers a more neutral result. The colours can eventually be adjusted but natural colour already provides a good tone. Even sepia and black & white are available. And the EasyShare software allows you to select one of these modes after the photo has been taken.

Kodak Easy Share V550 - ISO settings
The ISO sensitivity on the EasyShare V550 offers a large choice of sensitivity settings. ISO ranges from ISO 80 to ISO 400. In 1.8 Megapixel mode, an additional ISO 800 is available. The pictures taken under average light don't show much noise even at higher sensitivities. Still I'd advise you to stick to ISO 100. Although chances of blur caused by jitter might increase. Slow shutter speeds make the noise level increase rapidly, however this is the case on almost every digital compact camera. A beautiful exception is the Fujifilm FinePix F20 camera that was chosen as the European camera of the year 2005/2006 shortly ago. The Kodak V550 belongs to the better cameras as far as noise is concerned.
Kodak V550 camera - Different formats
Photos can be taken in different formats, amongst them a mode with a 2:3 ratio. This is very useful when photos are printed in a 20x30cm format. You don't have to adjust the sides by cutting them. And because of the high resolution, this size is no problem at all. The compression can't be selected. The more compression, the smaller the file, but the less quality remains. Kodak found the right balance between compact size and quality. Most users of the EasyShare V550 will not edit their photos to a great extend but will just print them straight away. The standard sharpening therefore comes in handy. For further image editing it is advisable to decide reducing the sharpening somewhat.

Kodak EasyShare V550 - 3 Light metering systems
The Kodak EasyShare V550 offers three light metering systems in order to achieve correct exposure. Of course it offers Multi-pattern that will obtain an excellent result in most cases. Besides that center-weight and center-spot metering is available, very luxurious. The user also gets spoiled with the focal choices. He can choose from a multi-pattern area, central metering area, and continuous (to keep tracking a moving subject) as well as single focus. Even a burst mode belongs to the possibilities.

Kodak Easy Share V550 - Recording movies
Current digital cameras are not only used for photographing but also for recording movies. The Kodak EasyShare V550 can record movies with sound in a resolution up to 640x480 pixels at a frame rate of 30 frames per second. This truly is an excellent mode. Zooming is also possible during recording the movie, which gives you room to play with it. Or to firstly record an overview and that zoom into some details. During reviewing of the movie, the sound of zooming can be heard unfortunately.
Kodak EasyShare V550 Kodak EasyShare V550
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