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Kodak EasyShare V550 Camera review | Control
Kodak is not aiming the EasyShare V550 at the semi professional photographer who likes to control everything himself. On the contrary, the Kodak EasyShare V550 is set up to enable easy shooting with a few simple actions. Nothing has to distract from the joy of taking pictures. Simplicity is the key word and Kodak succeeds perfectly in keeping the operation of the V550 as simple as possible. Shooting modes will be looked for in vain, and shutter speed and aperture values can only be looked up afterwards in the Exif-data.
Kodak EasyShare V550 | Digital Camera Kodak EasyShare V550 | Digital Camera
EasyShare V550 - Settings
The Kodak EasyShare V550 has a reasonably fast startup time, within two seconds a picture can be taken. Activating the camera always sets the Kodak V550 digital camera in auto mode for taking common photos. For nearly ever user this will be the most frequently used mode. If you prefer a different setting, you can store your preferences on a pre-set mode. After activating the camera the setting has to be activated again. This is rather annoying. Unfortunately the flash setting is not saved together with the preference setting, so if you select flash-off, you will have to select it again. Still; this is something that an enhanced photographer would miss, and he is not the target group for this camera. One of the frequently used scene modes is the portrait mode. And it is clever of Kodak to give direct access to this mode by means of a separate button on top of the camera. In addition every mode shows a brief description of what the best use for the setting is. And because of this extra information, the user's manual can stay at home.

Kodak EasyShare V550 - Four way controller
The four-way controller lets you work with exposure correction very quickly without having to dig into the menu. The button has to be pressed firmly which is just as well. This way the chance of over or under exposure is diminish. An icon of a tiny hand shows the chance of blur caused by jitter. Green indicates good, yellow means a small chance and red means that the chance of blur caused by jitter is very high. A slow shutter speed will be chosen then. The interval between pressing the release button and actually capturing the image is pretty short, but still present. A burst mode is also available on the V550 but when images are taken sequentially, there is no visible image on the monitor so it is a gamble whether or not the images turn out right. Zooming in and out is carried out rather jerky and not very fast, a smooth seamless zoom would have been more pleasant. To use the digital zoom you have to let go of the zoom button after completely zooming in, after that the button has to be pressed again.
I'd advise against using the digital zoom, because it's virtually just cropping a part and that same part is being enlarged. It doesn't benefit the image quality and it's advisable to use the digital zoom only in case of an emergency. It's much better to use an image editing program like Photoshop Elements or Corel Paint Shop Pro X.

Kodak V550 - 2.5-inch LCD monitor
The 2.5-inch monitor is very beautiful and large and still renders clearly in direct sun light. Kodak didn't use the OLED technology on the EasyShare V550, nevertheless the monitor is clear also under various angles. Nowadays monitors get better and better, which only improves photographing. Pressing the information button offers a heap or if you wish, less information on the monitor, or the monitor can be turned off in order to save energy. It's even possible to show a live histogram, very useful for checking the exposure. Whether the target group is able to estimate the value of this function is disputable.

Kodak V-550 - EasyShare docking station and Software
After taking pictures, you can review them very quickly. Also here zooming in is carried out rather jerky. Thanks to the large monitor you can check the clarity of an image with great ease. When the Kodak EasyShare V550 is placed on the EasyShare docking station, pushing the red button once is enough to copy the photos to the hard drive, which is enabled by Kodak EasyShare software that is also extremely easy to operate. In fact it is that easy that other manufacturers besides Kodak, are using this software, for example Konica Minolta amongst others. The software's ease is a strong plus point of Kodak. Different versions of the same software are appearing on the market, a good concept is quickly copied! The huge screen is incredibly clear and renders the menu perfectly. The menu in itself is very comprehensible. The top part of the monitor shows a brief description of the function and pressing the OK button makes you change the settings. It works wonders and fits perfectly within the Kodak EasyShare concept.
Kodak EasyShare V550 Kodak EasyShare V550
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