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Kodak EasyShare V550 Digital camera review | Introduction
Kodak EasyShare V550 digital camera review : Now that Kodak stopped manufacturing digital SLR cameras, the entire series of digital cameras consists of EasyShare digital camera models. EasyShare does exactly what the name tells you: easy sharing of pictures. Core of the system is the docking station. You place the camera in the station and pushing the button once sends your photos to email, hard drive or printer. It works as simple as it sounds. Kodak also maintains and enhances the user-friendliness in the EasyShare digital cameras. This is entirely conform the American company's policy: "You push the button, we do the rest". Within the EasyShare series, Kodak distinguishes some series, depending on the target group. The top model of the pocket series is the Kodak EasyShare V550. It is a beautifully designed camera aiming at people who love to carry their camera around with them, so the model shouldn't be too bulky and heavy. The concept seems to be strong as iron.

Kodak V550 - Large LCD monitor
The Kodak EasyShare V550 digital camera is almost similar to the somewhat cheaper V530 camera. The main difference is the monitor on the back of the camera. The Kodak EasyShare V550 features a monitor of an enormous 2.5-inch size and an internal memory double the size of the one on the V530. Such a large monitor is often found on compact cameras nowadays and I can only cheer about that. Five Megapixels and a 3x optical zoom (36-105mm equivalent of a 35mm camera), make the EasyShare V550 a versatile digital camera that can be used for many occasions. The EasyShare docking station is standard delivered with the V-550, making it a piece of cake to share the captured pictures with family or friends or archiving the photos. Simple scene programme modes offer simple operation of the Kodak V550. According to Kodak, photographing should just be fun, without having to deal with too much technical stuff.

Kodak EasyShare V550 - Designed for women
The Kodak V550's trendy appearance is thrown into the competition with lifestyle cameras from brands like Sony, Nikon and Canon, among other ones. It definitely isn't an easy task to stay in the race. But if you have a close look at the EasyShare V550 you will soon get attracted to its beautiful appearance. Kodak is aiming their V550 principally at women. Their policy is that the camera should be like the perfect classy black dress, suitable for every occasion. Together with the EasyShare system Kodak holds a strong trump in their hands to be able to win customers over. The Kodak Easy-Share V550 is delivered completely with docking station and bag. Our experiences with the camera and the EasyShare system can be read in the Kodak EasyShare V550 review.

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Kodak EasyShare V550 | Digital Camera

  Kodak EasyShare V550
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