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Digital Camera Specifications

Pentax Optio WP Camera review | Adjustments
A digital camera for the average consumer is usually not equipped with enhanced settings. Still the Pentax Optio WP offers a large amount of them. Neatly organized so the user doesn't get lost or has to fall back on the user's manual. Settings like RAW and aperture or shutter priority are lacking on the WP. But frankly the target group will not miss them. Most settings can be stored in a memory. It means the camera will remember the settings so after deactivating and activating the camera again, nothing has to be adjusted. Moreover the user decides what is stored in the memory. Super Pentax!
Pentax Optio WP | Digital Camera Pentax Optio WP | Digital Camera
Pentax Optio WP digital camera - Exposure
The exposure programs on the Pentax Optio WP consist of icons. The famous settings on SLR camera's are not available on the Optio WP; the S, A and M (shutter and aperture priority and manual) settings. The Pentax WP camera offers no less than 11 icons for shooting modes, which are extremely clear. The green button can be pushed for more information. The icons vary from portrait to landscape and from evening shots to panoramic scenes. Of course the specific underwater mode is also available. This mode brings out the clear blue to the full extend when capturing the ocean. Really special is the pet setting. You can choose between a dog and a cat. It won't make any difference for the result whether you choose the cat or the dog, but a cat lover would be reluctant to select the dog icon and vice versa! There are three grey settings for both animals: white, grey and black. Depending on the darkness of the fur, you pick your choice. It's a nice gesture of Pentax and the animal lover will surely appreciate it.

Pentax Optio WP - Live histogram
The monitor doesn't show which aperture or shutter speed is selected by the camera. It might be a gamble. The Optio WP camera alerts when shake blur might occur. Besides that the Optio WP offers the luxurious possibility of a live histogram. You can judge in advance whether or not the exposure will be correct. At the same time blinking yellow and red parts show which parts will be dark or white. Personally I think this function is more suitable for the advanced user, but of course it's a welcoming function on the WP.

Pentax Optio WP camera - Continuous shooting
The Pentax WP offers two different modes for continuous shooting. The first one stores the images immediately on the memory card. This means you have to wait until the image is stored before being able to take the next image. The other mode uses a buffer memory. The speed increases to no less than 3 images per second and sequential shooting is possible until the buffer is full. Of course that depends on the selected quality.
Pentax WP camera - Image blur and white balance
By means of a number of stars the quality is decided. This is something that is typical for Pentax and I am positive that the consumer finds it very comprehensible. It is advisable to use the maximum quality as much as possible. Lower settings quickly suffer from artifacts (the fringing around a subject on the image). The default sharpening is rather strong. During testing the camera I decreased the sharpening, but it still appeared to be rather high. The average user won't have a problem with it, because it results in a very sharp picture. A high sharpness impression can also be achieved by increasing the saturation. Red might become beetroot for example. Thankfully Pentax is holding back here. For example eyes look really nature-like. It's still necessary to select the correct white balance because it tends to deviate a bit. I don't know if it would be noticed by the average user though. In any case the Pentax WP camera offers sufficient possibilities to adjust the white balance. All pictures are taken in sRGB colour space, which is regular for a camera in this class.

Optio WP camera - ISO and Noise
The ISO sensitivity can be set from ISO 50 to ISO 200. The lowest settings, ISO 50 and 100 deliver excellent results. Noise increases when the sensitivity is higher. This is not unusual for a digital compact camera, but due to the high sharpening the noise is rather evidently present. In low light conditions you might as well activate the flash, although the flash range is somewhat limited.

Pentax Optio WP digital camera - Filter effects and Video
In play mode an image can be edited with the use of digital filters. Every edit offers the possibility to either create a new file or to overwrite the old file. It's wise to always select creating a new file or the original will be lost. There is also a frame available with the filters but it looks rather gaudily, for my taste. Others might like it. Also film enthusiasts will enjoy the Pentax Optio WP. There is a large amount of options available. You can choose to add sound only to photos. Just as the photos, you can edit the video inside the camera. That of course is a super option, above all when you're on holiday or on a business trip.
Pentax Optio WP Pentax Optio WP
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