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Pentax Optio WP Camera review | Control
The Pentax Optio WP is mainly aiming at the average consumer. No complicated operation, but a straightforward one without having to reach for the manual every second. Also someone who is not familiar with (digital) photography will not encounter any problem operating the Optio WP. After activating the camera it takes approximately 2 seconds before the first picture can be made and after that, the joy of photography starts!
Pentax Optio WP | Digital Camera Pentax Optio WP | Digital Camera
Optio WP digital camera - Automatic setting
The Pentax Optio WP is standard set to the P-mode. This is the most universal mode. Pressing the bottom part of the 4-way controller will bring you different setting modes. It's all rather obvious. Also the other settings are easy to find. You don't even have to dive into the menu. It makes working with the Pentax WP camera really fast. The green button offers loads of possibilities, it enables programming a number of different settings. During testing the Optio WP, I dedicated sensitivity, white balance and AF-area to this button. Items that I like to play with. The Pentax Optio WP is easily set to the user's own desires, which is excellent because the camera has to become a part of the photographer to prevent him or her from having to search for certain functions.

Pentax Optio WP - Excellent operation
Every button has to be pressed firmly. The fillings might be the cause of this, they give extra resistance. The advantage of it is that the buttons will not be pressed accidentally easily. The buttons are not carried out in a large size, still they are easily operable even with gloves on. The shutter release button on top of the camera has a nice pressing point. Not too light but certainly not too heavy either. The interval of release is short. You don't have to think when you actually have to press the button long before you press it. Zooming in and out is carried out smoothly with the 3x optical zoom. And if it isn't quick enough you can speed up the zoom through the menu. The precision suffers a little bit, but from wide angle to telephoto is carried out in no time.
Pentax Optio WP digital camera - Histogram and Menu navigation
The monitor on the back of the Optio WP is pleasantly large. Nowadays we even find bigger screens, even on compact cameras, but a 2-inch monitor leaves nothing to complain about. Pressing 'display' enables you to switch between full screen, screen with basic information, screen with enhanced information (inclusive live histogram!) and screen off. The latter one seems rather strange because the camera is not equipped with an optical viewfinder. Nevertheless it reduces the energy consumption. The huge monitor also comes in handy when working with the menu. The menu is very straightforward and comprehensible. Only two tab pages are found, with every option underneath.

Optio WP digital camera - Write and Read
The Pentax Optio WP is capable of sequentially shooting images. Not at an extreme high speed, but the target group will be satisfied with this option. Writing the images is rather time consuming and as long as the camera is writing, play mode can not be activated. It took me some time to get used to that, but remember: patience is a virtue. When the Optio WP is turned off during writing the images on the card, the procedure will be finished first before the camera actually deactivates. On the monitor the message appears that images are being stored. At least you know what is going on.
Pentax Optio WP Pentax Optio WP
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