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Pentax Optio WP Camera review | Camera
Pentax has created a beautiful design on the Optio WP. The camera is beautifully rounded shaped and the silver colour looks great on the Optio WP. In spite of the fact that a real handgrip is lacking on the Pentax Optio WP, it offers a good hand-fit. My hand fell exactly right holding the camera, without covering the lens. Only one cover is found on the camera, the little door covers the battery, memory card and external connections. The door is carried out with a rubber piece to avoid water from entering the camera. Also the screws are equipped with a top. Remarkably enough there is no protecting hood protecting the lens, just a piece of glass. And although the glass is scratchproof, it is advisable to handle it with care.
Pentax Optio WP | Digital Camera Pentax Optio WP | Digital Camera
Pentax Optio WP - Unique design
From a distance it's impossible to see that the Pentax Optio WP is a water resistant model. I received some strange looks when dipping the camera in a puddle before taking pictures. When you give the camera a closer look, you'll detect a plastic puddle with around it the text that the Pentax WP camera is a water resistant digital camera. In the centre on the front side of the camera the lens is positioned, protected and closed by glass. Usually extra glass in front of the lens doesn't benefit the image quality but obviously Pentax will have taken that into consideration when designing the lens. The Optio WP lens delivers good results. Not the absolute top quality but for a digital camera in its class, the results are more than sufficient. Above the lens a LED is found that blinks when the self-timer is activated. Top right the flash is positioned. This latter one is placed rather close to the lens which increases the possibility of red-eyes. Although in practice it wasn't too bad. The flash has a limited range so make sure the subject is within a small distance from the camera.

Pentax WP digital camera - Ergonomics
The top side of the Pentax Optio WP is as quiet as the front of the camera. Present are a microphone, a loud speaker, an on/off switch and of course the shutter release button. There is actually not much more room for anything else, due to the fact that the Optio WP is extremely flat. That flat that I can hardly imagine a 3x optical zoom housed inside the camera. When the camera is activated a greed LED lights up in the switch. This is handy because you can't tell by the lens whether the camera is activated or not. And if the monitor is deactivated you would have no indication of the camera being activated or deactivated. The button is sunk into the material so accidentally pressing it is out of the question.

Pentax Optio WP camera - Dust free
Thanks to the water resistance the Pentax Optio WP doesn't suffer from dust intruding the camera either. Taking the camera for a day on the beach is no problem at all. And carrying the camera with you in the pocket of your trousers or jacket will not have a negative affect on it. The Pentax Optio WP is more than just waterproof!
Optio WP camera - 2-inch Monitor and Navigation
The back of the camera is dominated by the large 2.0-inch monitor; the Optio WP is not equipped with an optical viewfinder. The monitor is of good quality even though the angle of view is not that enhanced. On the right the control centre is found, it contains the operation buttons of the Pentax Optio WP. A green coloured button serves as recycle bin when the camera is set to play mode. During photographing the button functions as quick button, 4 favourite settings can be added to it. For example, white balance, auto focus, sensitivity and contrast. On the right next to the green button the tumble switch is placed for zooming in or out. More to the centre the 4-way controller is positioned. It lets the user adjust the flash, image speed, macro and exposure modes. In the centre of the 4-way controller a button is found for navigating through the different settings of the monitor. Everything is shown extremely clearly, you don't really need the manual to understand the Pentax Optio WP. Of course the 4-way controller also lets you scroll through the menu, which is activated by the button, left at the bottom.

Pentax WP camera - Connections
The bottom side of the camera contains the connection for a tripod, carried out in plastic. It is less solid than a metal tripod connection but my guess is that a tripod won't be used very often in combination with the Optio WP. The connection is placed in the far corner of the Optio WP, this is very handy when using a small tripod. Once place on the tripod it's still possible to open the cover for the memory card without having to remove the camera from the tripod. Furthermore we find the one cover with behind it the memory card, the battery and the external connection for power and USB compartments. The inside of the cover has a rubber coating. It stops water from coming in. That is; to a depth of 1,5 meters. The cover can be locked; it prevents accidentally opening the it. Imagine you'd unintentionally open it underwater! A clever move of Pentax to secure this cover and very crucial too.
Pentax Optio WP Pentax Optio WP
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