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Pentax Optio WP Digital camera review | Introduction
Pentax Optio WP digital camera review : Beginning of 2005, Pentax introduced a camera that is capable of shooting pictures under water, besides of course the normal way of shooting. This is a unique feature of the Pentax Optio WP. No more wasting your time with underwater bags or what's so ever. The Pentax lets you shoot on a depth of 1.5 meters and the digital camera will keep up for 30 minutes (the so-called JIS class 8). Diving however still requires special housings, but the underwater function is great for the average snap shooter that wants to take pictures in and around the swimming pool. Also for those who want to keep on photographing in rainy weather. The Pentax WP is not the first digital camera to be water resistant, in the past, Casio also offered a similar model. It even floated on the water, where as the Pentax Optio doesn't, it would sink if you let it go. But the Pentax WP camera is capable of handling a larger depth.

Pentax WP digital camera - Waterproof
The five Megapixels of resolution are sufficient to enable the Pentax Optio WP delivering fine enlarged prints. The lens offers a 3x optical zoom ranging from 38mm to 114mm, actually a universal range. The fact that the Optio WP is waterproof makes the lens stay inside the camera, in stead of extending. If it did extend, water might enter through the seams. The construction of the lens is very special; it features eleven lens elements in nine groups. With great admiration we look at it and wonder how on earth Pentax did it…

Pentax Optio WP - Compact and LCD monitor
The size of the Pentax Optio WP is pleasantly compact; it fits perfectly in the pocket of your trousers or shirt. The Pentax WP digital camera is easily carried around, to the swimming pool for example. Just hide it inside a rolled up towel and no one will notice. The large 2.0-inch monitor on the back of the camera makes shooting in or on the water easy. Of course on land the large screen is also appreciated. The Lithium Ion battery should guarantee many photos that get stored on a Secure Digital memory card.

Pentax Optio WP review
Pentax aims at the average consumer with the Optio WP: the photo-grapher who just wants to shoot snapshots without having to worry about settings and stuff. Therefore the Pentax Optio WP is a straightforward camera. You won't find aperture or shutter priority on this camera, let alone a fully manual operation. In stead the Optio WP works with pre-programmed settings. However, there are still many things on the WP that can be adjusted. We received the Pentax Optio WP and were able to review the camera thoroughly in the wettest summer ever in Holland; at least we had a good chance to test the water resistance of the camera! Our experiences can be found in the following digital camera review.

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Pentax Optio WP | Digital Camera

  Pentax Optio WP
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