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Canon Powershot S2 IS Camera review | Storage and Energy
The Canon Powershot S2 IS is equipped with a Secure Digital memory card slot. This slot is placed on the right side of the camera and is covered by a plastic lid. It doesn't come as a surprise that Canon chooses the Secure Digital (SD) card as storage medium for the camera. Most of the cameras from the Canon assortment, except for the digital SLR cameras, support this small memory card. The SD card enjoys a large market share and has various types of cards. The last few years manufacturers like SanDisk invested severely in speed as well as storage capacity resulting in a storage capacity of 2 gigabyte (GB) for this moment. The Canon Powershot S2 IS is standard delivered with a 16MB memory card, which is completely useless. This card really is of no use to the photographer and as far as I'm concerned it may stay behind in the manufacturer's warehouse. If you want to use the camera to the full extend, I suggest you purchase a memory card with a storage capacity of a minimum of 256 - 512MB but preferably 1GB. Besides that it's advisable to purchase a faster type of card in order to save time reading and writing the data and at the same time it prevents the camera's buffer to fill up during continuous shooting.
Canon Powershot S2 IS | Digital Camera Canon Powershot S2 IS | Digital Camera
Canon Powershot S2 IS - SD Ultra II PLUS memory card
The small compact and light weighted memory card has to be inserted in the memory compartment. A small catch is visible on the SD card; it serves as security, it locks the card. If you push the catch upwards, the card is not secured. Then it's possible to delete stored data or to store data. If the catch is pushed downwards, it's not possible to work with the card, no data can be stored on it, and stored data, like photos, videos or other data is secured. During our test we used a very special SD card. When looking at the image you will notice that the card can be bent in the middle after which a USB interface is visible. You can insert the SD PLUS card directly in a USB slot without needing any wiring. Who makes up these things? It's a truly handy option proving once again that the applications and possibilities of the flash memory card, like the SanDisk Ultra II Secure Digital PLUS memory card, are almost unlimited.

Considering 1GB of storage capacity:
Resolution 2592x1944 - Super Fine - 380 images - 2503kB
Resolution 2592x1944 - Fine - 678 images - 1395kB
Resolution 2592x1944 - Normal - 1342 images - 695kB
Resolution 2048x1536 - Super Fine - 590 images - 1602kB
Resolution 2048x1536 - Fine - 1058 images - 893kB
Resolution 2048x1536 - Normal - 2082 images - 445kB
Resolution 1600x1200 - Super Fine - 942 images - 1002kB
Resolution 1600x1200 - Fine - 1678 images - 558kB
Resolution 1600x1200 - Normal - 3180 images - 278kB
Resolution 640x480 - Super Fine - 3554 images - 249kB
Resolution 640x480 - Fine - 5494 images - 150kB
Resolution 640x480 - Normal - 8634 images - 84kB

Video Resolution 640x480 - 30 fps - 7min 54 sec. - 1980 kB/sec
Video Resolution 640x480 - 15 fps - 15min. - 990 kB/sec.
Video Resolution 320x240 - 30 fps - 20min 59 sec. - 660 kB/sec.
Video Resolution 320x240 - 15 fps - 34min 56 sec. - 330 kB/sec.
Powershot S2 IS - Data transfer
The Canon Powershot S2 IS is capable of filling up a memory card with a speed of 2.4 images per second (resolution 2592x1944/Fine), an excellent performance. You'd have to use a fast memory card though, like the SanDisk Ultra II or Extreme III memory card to be able to reach this steady speed. Compared to a Standard Secure Digital we'd soon find out that the card cannot keep up with this pace and the buffer will fill up too soon. So if you want to reach a maximum achievement you'd better purchase a fast memory card. The Canon S2 IS is equipped with a USB interface that delivers a good performance. The data is transferred onto a notebook or computer in an extremely high speed. Besides actually connecting the camera it's also possible to use a so-called card reader. There are many different types of card readers available nowadays, equipped with a single slot for a specific memory card or a multi-functional card reader like the SanDisk 12-in-1 card reader that reads and writes every available card on today's market. These card readers are equipped with the fastest type of USB 2.0 interfaces that offer the highest data transfer speed. You might seriously consider to purchase this optional accessory, it makes reading and writing a lot easier and faster.

Canon Powershot S2 IS - Energy
As far as the energy consumption is concerned we can be short: outstanding and superb. The camera uses 4 AA format batteries, which let you take approximately 500 images without a single problem. The camera is standard delivered with 4 alkaline batteries. It would look good on Canon if the camera came with a (quick) charger with 4 high capacity NiMH batteries. So besides purchasing a large capacity memory card, it is wise to also obtain a quality battery charger with 2 sets of 4x AA format rechargeable batteries at the same time. The amount of 500 images is reached with the use of LCD monitor! Rendering time is a minimum of 8 hours, a fact that makes an optional power adapter superfluous. In short: Canon is definitely in control of the energy consumption. The DIGIC II processor undoubtedly plays a main role in it.
Canon Powershot S2 IS Canon Powershot S2 IS
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