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Canon Powershot S2 IS Camera review | Camera
The Canon Powershot S2 IS is a rather compact camera in its class. The camera features a very familiar 'Canon appearance' and is neatly finished. The housing is made of plastic and feels incredibly solid. The obvious handgrip offers a lot of stability and a perfect hand fit. The camera's appearance may impress the beginning photographer. A huge lens dominates the front; the back features a vary-angle LCD monitor and is the control center of the camera. At first glance it's already clear that we are not dealing with a simply carried out digital camera, but a multitalented one, aiming at the novices as well as advanced amateurs. You can't overlook the Powershot S2 IS with its 5 Megapixels of resolution and a beautiful 12x optical zoom lens combined with optical stabilisation. If you're looking for an advanced camera with a wide optical range; this is the one!
Canon Powershot S2 IS | Digital Camera Canon Powershot S2 IS | Digital Camera
Canon Powershot S2 IS - Front of the camera
The plastic housing feels extremely solid. The material used does not attract finger prints; they don't stay behind, neither does dirt nor dust. The front is mainly dominated by the 12x optical zoom. The lens sticks out slightly when activating the camera. Above the lens the internal flash is placed with next to it on the right the AF assist lamp/self-timer LED. The camera is equipped with two microphones, both sitting next to the top of the lens, catching the sound. On the left bottom side of the lens, a button is placed that lets you remove the ring found around the lens. After removing this ring, an adapter can be placed to enable attaching various converters that enhance the focal range of the telephoto, wide angle and macro. The side of the S2 IS digital camera stands out as a comfortable handgrip finished with a rough coating to ensure a secure grip on the camera.

Powershot S2 IS - Command Dial
The top of the camera is equipped with a considerable number of buttons, and the majority is placed on the right side next to the internal flash. Most left the combined flash/microphone button is positioned. In the center we find the internal flash and actually you'd expect the S2 IS to be equipped with a so-called hot-shoe connection for an external flash. Maybe on the next generation? The famous command dial that contains a large number of main programmes can be turned around left as well as right and every icon gives a clearly audible click. The strange looking button on the corner is the on/off switch, and beside it, a very tiny button, almost hidden in the first mentioned button, functions as Function button. It lets you adjust date and time for example. The release button is placed on the hand grip. Around it we find a ring for operating the zoom. Further more we see a button for the self-timer or continuous shooting.

Canon S2 IS - Integrated compartments
Some 'hidden' compartments are found on the Canon Powershot S2 IS camera. The side of the camera has a rather strong built because of the sturdy handgrip. In this handgrip the battery compartment is hidden; it can be opened from the bottom side of the camera. Behind a small rubber cover a dual connection is hidden. The cover opens easily and is attached to the housing. Behind it we find the connection for an optional power adapter and the USB interface for connecting to a computer, notebook or printer. Below the cover another neatly finished cover is found, with behind it the memory compartment. The Powershot S2 IS supports Secure Digital (SD) memory cards.
Canon S2 IS - A/V interface
When you turn the camera upside down, another small rubber lid is found, and behind it the A/V interface. The bottom side of the camera offers access to the battery compartment. All is covered with a perfectly finished plastic lid. In the center of the bottom a universal (plastic) tripod connection is placed that keeps the camera perfectly in balance. It is not possible to change the batteries when the camera is placed on a tripod because the cover gets blocked partly.

Canon - Control center
The back of the camera is carried out in two colours, the handgrip and the back of the LCD monitor are dark grey, and the rest is matte silver. The LCD monitor can be flipped out and because of its vari-angle possibility (270 degrees) it can be folded against the camera's housing, very handy. And a very effective way to protect the monitor from getting scratched or damaged in any other way. Concerning the size of the monitor, we are a little spoiled lately therefore we can't appreciate the 1.8 inch monitor. Nevertheless its quality is undoubtedly excellent. The flexibility of the monitor turns out very useful in practise and to be able to understand that you'd actually have to use the camera in practise. Photos that usually can't be taken because the angle or the space makes it impossible to use a viewfinder or monitor, now work out greatly and it gives the camera an enormous surplus value. Above the monitor an electronic viewfinder is placed, both monitor and viewfinder offer a 100% image view. The monitor can also be used in direct sunlight, however the electronic viewfinder suffers less from the bright light. The latter one is also equipped with a dioptre setting. The camera design probably doesn't allow it, unless some room is gained inside the housing of the monitor itself, but we would really like to see a 2 or even 2.5 inch monitor on a possible new generation. Next to the monitor we find the usual buttons, including a multi-functional button. Next to the electronic viewfinder a quick button for making a video clip is placed. One of the buttons next to the monitor is the so-called Print/Share button, a strong trump of the Canon digital camera when it is connected to a PictBridge supporting printer.

Canon Powershot S2 IS - Fully equipped
The Canon S2 IS is a very well equipped digital camera with fine ergonomics. The housing offers a perfect hand fit and the weight (not too heavy) together with the handgrip offers excellent stability. Add to this the presence of the stabilisation and you may say we have a fully equipped camera here that enables you to stroll smoothly on the photographic path. The material of the housing is plastic, without feeling cheap.
Canon Powershot S2 IS Canon Powershot S2 IS
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