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Olympus C-150 Camera review | Camera
First of all the slide at the front attracts the attention. The slide protects the small optical lens very well, leaving a good impression. The lens has a bright f2.8 5mm lens, comparing to a traditional 35mm camera this would be a 38mm lens. The minimum focus distance in normal mode is possible from approx. 50cm. When macro mode is activated a subject can be captured from a distance of 20cm. The camera doesn’t feature an optical zoom but is equipped with a 2.5x digital zoom.
Olympus C-150 | Digital Camera Olympus C-150 | Digital Camera
The back of the camera contains a striking big 1.8-inch LCD monitor. Most of the time and especially at entry level cameras I discover a 1.5-inch LCD display. The monitor has an average to good reproduction in bright sunlight. The LCD monitor has a small problem with the fast movement, made when following a subject, trying to capture it 'llive'.. During this faster movement, the LCD monitor fails now and again, the image freezes for a second.

The camera is equipped with a 1/3.2-inch CCD with an effective resolution of 2.11 Megapixels. This amount of Megapixels is sufficient to print a life-realistic 10x15cm image on 300dpi. One who settles for a lower dpi print could use a 13x18cm image, but the images that have to show lots of details lack resolution.

The automatic exposure of the Camedia C-150 enables trouble-free photographing. The camera chooses automatically the right shutter speed (1/2 – 1/700sec), which in general produces well exposed images. Beside the possibility of capturing frozen images (without sound), the Camedia C-150 is also able to record moving images (without sound). These video clips have a maximum playing time depending on the storage capacity of the memory card in use. The video clip can be recorded in a resolution of 320x240 or 160x120 pixels. The recorded data is stored on a xD Picture card. The camera is delivered standard with a 16MB storage capacity, but to be able to take more pictures during holidays, a 32 or 64MB capacity will be a better choice.
The camera, in spite of the fact that it is an entry level camera offers many settings. Besides the automatic exposure there is a choice of a few pre-set Scenes. By choosing one of these scenes the camera will give priority to the certain characteristic of the scene in stead of choosing an average exposure. The White Balance mode, Exposure compensation, Flash, Resolution, Self-timer, Language, are various modes from the menu. The menu is well-organized and directly accessible. The letters and numbers are large and very clear to read.

Images and video clips are transferred onto a computer using the USB interface. The camera can also be connected to a television, so on holidays or family visits one can show the captured images directly on a big size screen.

The material of the body of the Camedia C-150 is made of plastic. In spite of the light weight material the camera isn’t the lightest one among digital cameras. The 2x AA batteries add a little more weight to the total weight. The camera feels rather stable in the hand. There is no grip and the size of the camera is quite square. The corners are round off but the camera has little shape and feels even a bit smooth. The back of the camera has an upright edge, but also this edge is too slippery to be very functional. Adding a rubber strip would offer more grip.
Olympus C-150 Olympus C-150
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