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Canon Powershot A520 Camera review | Control
The Canon Powershot A520 is a user-friendly camera. A low entry camera; in other words, activate the camera by pressing the on/off button on top of the camera, wait until the lens slides open, and there you are! You can just start shooting. The camera is ready within 2 seconds to take its first image. The simplest way of continuing after the camera stands ready, is to turn the large multi controller to the green spot. This will activate an automatic mode without difficult settings; you only have to concentrate on what's really important: composing your photo and shoot it! All metering, from light metering till sharpness, from colour to flash settings will be done in the metering centre of the Canon A520 digital camera. All for convenience!
Canon Powershot A520 | Digital Camera Canon Powershot A520 | Digital Camera
Canon Powershot A520 - Operation
For those who'd like to go one step further than the green spot on the multi-controller, they will be getting into the user's interface of the camera. At first glance the interface doesn't seem too comprehensible; the large amount of settings on the dial and on the other side the somewhat summary-like settings shown on the buttons on the back of the camera, will lead the user quickly to the manual. And then the construction of the interface gets clearer. The icons on the controller are explained in an easy way. The function of the internal menu of the camera plays an important role. The majority of the settings are decided through the menu. It might be worth it, to take an hour of your time to go through the manual and get acquainted with the possibilities and the explanation of the camera functions.

Canon A520 - Well-organized menu
The majority of the camera's functions is set through the menu of the camera. The menu in fact is twofold. The MENU button at the bottom of the monitor gives access to setting possibilities in the record and play mode as well as in the 'My camera' mode. This latter mode enables adjusting the startup image, the working sound, the sound of the self-timer and the shutter sound. Next to the MENU button the FUNC button is placed. It activates a different menu that lets the user simply and effectively set various shooting settings. When turning the large command dial on top of the camera, more different settings are available to adjust. All these setting possibilities and the easy operation make the A520 a very user-friendly camera.

Powershot A520 - Just pressing the button…
Just pressing the button once and a moment will live for ever. This has been true since the beginning of modern photography and is still true for nowadays generation of digital cameras. On top of the camera, in the small handgrip, a large release button is positioned with mounted around it a ring for operating the zoom. The release button also serves for focussing.
Focussing is carried out on an average speed, and it should be said, there are 'faster' cameras on the market. The ring around the release button can be turned right or left. This switch operates the zoom, the digital as well as the optical. For those who are not familiar yet with the differences, the optical zoom is always preferred, because the highest possible quality is maintained using this optical zoom. In play mode the same ring is used to show an index of the images stored on the memory card. A photo can be selected via the multi controller and turning the zoom ring to the right it will enlarge the image once or several times.

Canon Powershot A520 - Multi-controller
Nowadays it is not possible to go without the multi-controller like we find on the back of the A520; digital camera land would not be the same without it. As mentioned before, this button has various functions. Pressing the top arrow of the button gives access to the internal flash settings, the bottom arrow gives access to the focus possibilities and the arrows to the right and left, let the user smoothly navigate through the menu. The SET button in the centre of the multi-controller confirms adjustments of the settings.

Canon A520 - Optional lenses
Unexpected but it's true: the Canon Powershot A520 enables adjusting the focal point by using the adapter ring. This distinguishes the A520 to an important degree, from competing camera models of the same class. Attaching the adapter on the front of the camera enables the photographer to use a Canon WC-DC52 wide angle lens. This lens enhances the focal length of the camera lens with a factor of 0.7x. An attractive wide angle of 24.5 is reached (equivalent of a 35mm camera). The Canon TC-52A telephoto lens enhances the focal length to 1.74x, which offers a telephoto of 245mm (equivalent of a 35mm camera). Canon's close-up lens (Canon 250D) enables macro images at a distance as close as 4cm to 17cm from the lens (wide angle mode) and on a distance of 14 to 17cm at maximum telephoto. These possibilities of enhancing the camera's focal length turn the Canon A520 into a versatile digital camera.
Canon Powershot A520 Canon Powershot A520
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