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Sony Cybershot DSC S90 Camera review | Conclusion
Sony DSC S90 - Easy to operate
The Sony Cybershot S90 is a digital camera that is easy to operate when working with it. Straightforward, with a resolution of 4 Megapixels and a 3x optical zoom plus an excellent movie recording function on board, the Sony S90 offers an outstanding combination to a large group of consumers that desire ease of operation and a fine quality without having to worry about photographic 'rules'. The Sony S90 isn't the most compact size camera available, or the lightest one in weight. In fact it's a camera design that we are all familiar with for years, modern styled but very much recognizable as a camera.

Sony Cybershot S90 - Remarkable features
The huge LCD monitor is a joy and a great advantage on a digital camera. Not only is it a lot easier to use as a viewfinder, but also it is a lot easier to share pictures with others and the menu is so much more organized and arranged. In earlier days doubts would rise about the use of a monitor in summertime, the Sony Cybershot S90 proves differently. The 2.5 inch monitor works perfectly under bright sunlight. Besides user-friendliness, speed is another trump of Sony. Despite the average startup time and the slightly longer time the camera takes to turn off, the S90 performs like a high speed train once activated. This makes the camera versatile applicable for shooting snap-shots around the house, during holidays but certainly when taking moments of actions for example: playing children and sports moments. Beside that the Sony is remarkably economical as far as energy consumption is concerned, a tremendous performance!

Sony S90 - Remarks
Still we'd like to make some remarks. Image noise at ISO 200 is already slightly present and even more so at ISO 400. Not insuperable and when printing the ISO 200 images it's not a big deal but still Sony drops a stitch here. Disputable is also the sometimes strong contrast on images, an issue that can be improved by decreasing the contrast through the menu. The use of the optical viewfinder (with very limited field of view) is diminished because of the availability of the large LCD monitor and our expectation is that an optical viewfinder will have disappeared completely on the next generation.

Sony Cybershot S90 digital camera review - Conclusion
All in all we may conclude that the Sony Cybershot S90 is an excellent digital camera, well-worth its money. The camera is versatile, but remains a straightforward operable camera through its user-friendly approach and it certainly won't frighten off the beginning photographer. The camera offers outstanding image quality and replaces the traditional 35mm camera without a doubt. The Sony Cybershot S90 is the S-series digital cameras' top model and is highly recommended, certainly with the results we achieved when testing this camera.

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Sony Cybershot DSC S90 | Digital Camera


Sony Cybershot DSC S90
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