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Sony Cybershot DSC S90 Camera review | Storage and Energy
Naturally Sony equipped the Cybershot S90 with a memory slot for the Memory Stick (PRO). This memory card, which design is similar to a piece of chewing gum, has claimed a large market share over the past few years. In itself a good achievement from Sony because very few brands support the Memory Stick. The Sony Cybershot S90 supports the standard (read: slower version of the) Memory Stick and the fast Memory Stick Pro version. The latter one is delivered by Sony in an ultra fast version which reaches maximum write- and read speed. The SanDisk Extreme III is currently one of the fastest Memory Stick memory cards available. You can ask yourself if it is worth, purchasing the PRO version or the Extreme III version in stead of the standard one. But it is very useful, also when using it in a digital compact camera such as the Sony Cybershot S90.
Sony Cybershot DSC S90 | Digital Camera Sony Cybershot DSC S90 | Digital Camera
Sony Cybershot DSC-S90 - Fast memory cards
An example of the need of a fast card is the movie recording function. Activating this mode enables you to record moving images with sound at which the maximum duration depends on the storage capacity of the memory card. Movies can be stored in a resolution of 640x480 pixels or lower. If you want to record in the highest quality movie recording possible, (640x480 pixels Fine mode) it is only achievable with a Memory Stick Pro or the SanDisk Extreme III Memory Stick. The Sony S90 is equipped with 32MB of internal memory, however I'd advise you to purchase an external memory card with a minimum of 256 or 512MB.

Considering 256MB of storage capacity:
Resolution 2304x1728 pixels - Fine - 128 images - 2.000KB
Resolution 2304x1728 pixels - Standard - 232 images - 1.100KB
Resolution 2304x1536 pixels - Fine - 128 images - 2.000KB
Resolution 2304x1536 pixels - Standard - 232 images - 1.100KB
Resolution 2048x1536 pixels - Fine - 160 images - 1.600KB
Resolution 2048x1536 pixels - Standard - 288 images - 903KB
Resolution 1280x960 pixels - Fine - 392 images - 668KB
Resolution 1280x960 pixels - Standard - 712 images - 368KB
Resolution 640x480 pixels - Fine - 1568 images - 167KB
Resolution 640x480 pixels - Standard - 3928 images - 67KB
Sony Cybershot S90 - Speedy times
The Sony Cybershot S90 camera has a surprisingly speedy response. At first the camera seems to react with an average speed. You turn the camera on, you wait approximately 2.5 seconds and the camera is ready to take its first image, an average speed as far as activating the camera is concerned. Turning off the Sony S90 you may have to wait a very long time if the buffer has to be emptied (up to 8 seconds!), but usually the camera turns itself off within about 3.5 seconds. However, once activated the Cybershot S90 transforms into a real speed monster! Very fast shutter-lag, taking images with an interval of only 1 second (JPEG/Large/Fine) and a burst of a maximum of 4 images with an interval of approximately 6/10 of a second make working with the Sony S90 extremely pleasant. These values were measured in combination with a SanDisk Memory Stick PRO 512MB.

Sony S90 - Standard delivery
The Sony Cybershot standard comes with a charger and a set of NiMH AA batteries, format 1.2V 2100mAh. Sony claims that the S90 is very economical as far as energy is concerned. And we can be short about that: the S90 is without doubt a very economical digital camera. Even more so when you think of the fact that the camera is equipped with a large LCD monitor and works on only two AA size batteries. With the monitor activated it is possible to make as much as 400 images. A truly great achievement! One condition is that you use high quality rechargeable NiMH batteries, a minimum of 2100 mAh. If you consider taking more than the mentioned number of images it is wise to purchase an extra set of NiMH batteries; the price won't be an obstacle!
Sony Cybershot DSC S90 Sony Cybershot DSC S90
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