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Digital Camera Specifications

Sony Cybershot DSC S90 Camera review | Control
Operating the Sony Cybershot S90 is a piece of cake. No matter what auto setting you choose, the operation is straightforward. The camera is activated by pressing the on/off button on top of the camera. You have to keep pressing the button slightly longer than normally in order to activate it; a handy way of preventing the camera from accidentally getting activated or de-activated in one's pocket or handbag. The Mode Dial on top of the camera offers direct access to various main settings. Turning the dial, shows a dial on the LCD monitor, so you are also able to view through the menu which setting is selected. Besides the 'green' setting, the Cybershot S90 offers two more settings: the P and M mode.
Sony Cybershot DSC S90 | Digital Camera Sony Cybershot DSC S90 | Digital Camera
Sony S90 - Pre-set shooting scenes and Navigation
The handy built-in pre-set scenes will decide the correct settings and the camera will automatically choose the correct exposure setting to get the utmost result for certain sceneries. The four buttons of the Five-way Arrow pad are used to navigate through the menu and the button in the centre confirms the adjustments. The four buttons each serve multiple functions. They change or activate flash settings, macro or self-timer. Sony also equipped the S90 with a Quick Review button. When pressing this button in record mode, you can view your captured image immediately and shoot the next image at once.

Cybershot S90 - Settings
When the camera is set to record mode, for example M mode, a lot of information appears on the large size LCD monitor. From an indication of battery level, flash level, programme mode, format and quality of the image, focus, ISO, exposure compensation, to aperture and shutter values. All in all a tide wave of information, but still as a user you take in everything at a glance and you keep in control. It is very useful to see the aperture and shutter values appear on the monitor when the camera is set to the automatic P mode. This way a beginner will gradually learn more about the exposure. Due to the fact that the Sony Cybershot DSC-S90 is equipped with an LCD monitor and an optical viewfinder you have the possibility to turn the monitor off. Although I find no reason why to do so other than maybe saving some energy. The optical viewfinder has a rather small format and shows just a part of the image you want to capture, no more than approximately 84%. The LCD monitor has about a 100% rendition. Besides deactivating the monitor the Sony S90 also offers the possibility to render a histogram.
Sony Cybershot S90 - Menu
The zoom button is placed on a logical spot, top right, right underneath the thumb. The 3x optical zoom can be set precisely in 8 steps. It tends to move on a little so very precise framing is somewhat difficult at times. Sony remained faithful to a certain way of organizing the menu, so the Sony menu is easy to operate and to understand. Large and clear characters, well shown on the monitor and fast to navigate. It gives you the feeling that you are getting to know the camera very quickly and very thorough.

Sony Cybershot DSC S90 - Quick button
The Sony Cybershot S90 features a Quick button for rendering the captured pictures. This way you will get direct access to play mode, where you can also end up when using the Dial on top of the camera. The quick button shows the last captured picture with around it relevant information, eventually with an added histogram of the image. It's also possible to show an index when more images are stored on the internal or external memory. This comes in very useful if you want to find a picture quickly. Through the arrows of the five-way arrow pad you can select a picture and confirm your choice through the OK button in order to view a picture full screen. Finally the zoom button lets you zoom in 5x digitally in a total of 17 steps.
Sony Cybershot DSC S90 Sony Cybershot DSC S90
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