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Sony Cybershot DSC S90 Camera review | Camera
The Sony Cybershot DSC-S90 features a compact size and a matte silver colour. The camera is equipped with a 4 Megapixels image sensor and a beautiful 2.5 inch size LCD monitor. Despite the large size of the LCD monitor, the Sony designers succeeded in keeping all functions neatly arranged. The compact size (96x64x40mm) and the light weight (264 grams, batteries included) are perfectly suitable for easy transportation anywhere and anytime. The optical zoom lens is neatly hidden in the silver housing. Even with the compact size of the camera, it lies perfectly in your hand. The right side of the S90 is slightly bulgier, offering a grip for a good position of the hand. The 3x optical zoom lens is positioned on the upper left side. The Sony Cybershot S90's optical viewfinder is placed in the centre. The latest camera introductions show that when cameras are equipped with a large sized monitor, the optical viewfinder looses more and more space and size. It may well be that we are witnessing one of the last Sony (S-series) digital cameras equipped with an optical viewfinder.
Sony Cybershot DSC S90 | Digital Camera Sony Cybershot DSC S90 | Digital Camera
Sony S90 - 2.5 inch size LCD monitor
As I said, the camera is equipped with a 2.5 inch size monitor. Next to it a limited amount of buttons is placed. The thumb of your right hand is able to reach every button, just by making a small move. If you get to hold a Sony S90 for the first time, you will find that your hand naturally finds its way holding the grip and your fingers will fall on the right spot straight away. The buttons on the rear of the camera are spotted quickly and are extremely easy to operate. The Five-way arrow pad serves as a navigator with right above it the familiar zoom button. The buttons are very firm and won't be activated too easily when pressed accidentally. The large sized monitor is of high quality and equipped with a special coating, so bright sunlight doesn't cause the monitor any problems. The monitor plays an important role. The user will find here information about the settings of the camera, even extra information like aperture and shutter values is shown. For those who don't like to use the monitor, they can go one step up and use the optical viewfinder. Also eyeglass wearers will enjoy the viewfinder; it's big enough and convenient for their glasses.

Cybershot DSC-S90 - Ergonomic
The top of the Sony S90 contains a Mode Dial, neatly positioned in the hand grip around the release button, with the most frequently used modes. The only other button we find here is the small on/off button with next to it a number of holes for the built-in microphone. The compact size of the Sony Cybershot DSC-S90 did not stop the designers from finding room for a nicely shaped handgrip. A silver coloured edge is placed on the handgrip to offer a comfortable place for your fingers.
The 3x optical zoom lens that carries the name of a Carl Zeiss lens is neatly housed inside the body. The zoom lens is placed slightly towards the side of the camera. Right above it we find a LED that blinks when an image is taken using the self-timer but also serves as an auto focus assist illuminator. Upper top the internal flash and the optical viewfinder are placed.

Sony Cybershot S90 - Interfaces
The sides of the Sony S90 digital camera are rather smooth and featureless. One side is completely even apart from a shiny silver strip that shows ones own image like a mirror. The other side shows a soft plastic cover that leads to the A/C adapter connector. And on the top of this side we also find the eyelet for attaching the wrist strap. When we turn the camera upside down and take a look here, we notice a rather smooth bottom panel with a door to the battery compartment and an (uncovered) connection for USB or A/V cable. The tripod connection is positioned on a rather different spot, right in the corner next to the door of the battery compartment. So beware when placing the camera on one of these small flexible tripods!

Sony DSC-S90 - Portable compact size
The camera features a compact design and rounded off edges. It lies perfectly in ones hand; the camera is not ultra flat and offers sufficient support because of its handgrip. The weight of the Sony S90 offers just that little bit more feeling of holding a real camera in your hand and not some plastic device. The S90, ergonomically well thought-out and constructed with high quality material, definitely stands out from the crowd.
Sony Cybershot DSC S90 Sony Cybershot DSC S90
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