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Ricoh Caplio GX8 Camera review | Control
As neatly as the Ricoh Caplio GX8 digital camera is, as easy is the operation of the camera. Everything lies pleasantly in reach and you hardly ever have to search for a certain setting. The Ricoh Caplio GX8 lies comfortably in the hand. It feels a lot lighter than you'd expect. But still it feels firm. It takes approximately one or two seconds before the camera is ready to shoot. This is rather smart, considering a lens has to be extended too!
Ricoh Caplio GX8 | Digital Camera Ricoh Caplio GX8 | Digital Camera
Ricoh - LCD monitor
Photographing will mainly take place with the help of the monitor. The Ricoh Caplio GX8 may have an optical viewfinder; it is not a very practical one. It shows insufficient image view and it is rather small which is an nuisance for glasses wearing photographers. The Ricoh Caplio GX8's monitor is of a reasonable size. The 1.8-inch is sufficient, the resolution, well we have seen better. The photographer won't lack information, all important matters can be shown. Also a live histogram is available. Although it's not too large, it does however offer the necessary information and therefore it is very useful. We'd like to find a larger size monitor on the next generation, a minimum of 2-inch, and even better one from 2.5-inch.

Caplio GX8 - Moving subjects
The release button contains a clear pressing point. This is an advantage, otherwise you'd take a picture far too hasty. Fortunately the auto focus works fast in most situations. If you were to press the release button in one go when shooting moving objects, the auto focus might not always be able to keep up, however; these situations occur very rarely. If you shoot in a relaxed way you won't meet any limits.

Ricoh Caplio digital camera - Precise optical zoom
A good composition requires a good working zoom function. It is very annoying if the optical zoom is not in the right mode. Ricoh has put a smart trick on the Caplio GX8. Normally the zoom can be adjusted in fifteen steps. That is rather precise.
If someone wants to work with an exact focus point, he can also zoom in four steps, he would have a 28, 35, 50 and 85mm (compared with a 35mm camera) to work with. Very smart. The Ricoh Caplio GX8's zoom range is a very pleasant one. To construct a wide angle into a relatively small lens is no picnic. Ricoh succeeded in doing it and has a unique sales argument with it.

Extremely fast response
Hardly any interval of release is found on the Ricoh Caplio GX8 camera. If the extreme short interval of release time mentioned by Ricoh is true: we weren't able to measure it, but believe me it was incredibly short. You are definitely able to shoot at 'le moment desecive' as master photographer Henri Cartier Bresson puts it. Only SLRs and the Epson RD-1 can equal that. It makes the GX8 very suitable for street photography. Combined with the optical range and the fast response time it is an excellent second camera for certain areas of journalism and easy to carry with you always.

Ricoh - Neatly arranged menu
The menu of the GX8 is neatly arranged with tabs. You don't have to enter the menu too often. The main functions can be set with the ADJ button. You do have to press the button a few times on a row, which is not always the fastest way of adjusting. Especially because the camera doesn't memorize the setting that was changed last. But it still works better than having to dig into the menu every single time. And at the same time it keeps the camera neat, in stead of a few buttons, the camera only does it with one. I got used to it rather quickly.
Ricoh Caplio GX8 Ricoh Caplio GX8
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