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Nikon D50 Camera review | Conclusion
Nikon D50 - Competitors
More and more it looks like Nikon considers the D70s as a competitor to the Canon EOS 20D for example and as a successor of the D100. The Nikon D50 is thrown into the battle by Nikon to conquer the entry level digital SLR market. A market with a high potency to grow. Take a look around you in the streets and notice how many cameras in this class are sold in the shops.

Nikon D50 - Ideal camera for her target group
Nikon smartly used the in-house knowledge and packed thoroughly tried parts in a nice compact housing. It makes the Nikon D50 to the most ideal camera for the target group Nikon aims at. The Nikon D50 is not a very striking camera to be honest. But why redoing everything if you have things under control anyway? The thoroughly tried and approved technique can be looked upon as a great surplus value of the Nikon D50. The user knows what he can expect from the camera. And concerning the image quality the camera is certainly not disappointing. Rather the opposite: excellent colour rendition, fine bright and no overwhelming noise. Also the auto focus proved its good service and absolutely lives up to the expectations.

Nikon D50 - Housing
The big advantage of the Nikon D50 is the housing. No going over the top, but simply a nice firm body with buttons placed on the spot where you expect them to be as a Nikon user. And everything has the finishing touch we are used to get from Nikon: superb!

Nikon D50 - Disadvantages
So is everything in order? No, not completely. The viewfinder is rather small and there is no possibility for placing an extra handgrip underneath the camera. Also if you work with RAW you'd like to have a larger buffer and maybe also a higher frame speed. It would also have been nice if for example the light metering would have been directly accessible without having to dig into the menu. However, these are no serious arguments. And to be honest I didn't expect to meet any serious ones either.

Nikon D50 - Excellent digital SLR camera
All in all the Nikon D50 is an excellent digital SLR camera. Ideal for those who have outgrown their compact camera or for those who want to take their first steps into digital photography. The Nikon D50 may be a so-called entry level model; nevertheless it offers the user almost everything. Nikon offers a model of the lowest priced segment; this will make us meet more Nikons in the street. The Nikon D70 already did very well, and the D50 will do equally well or even better!

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Nikon D50 | Digital Camera


Nikon D50
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