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Nikon D50 Digital camera review | Introduction
Nikon D50 digital camera review : Nikon definitely scored a bull's-eye with the Nikon D70 digital SLR camera. The D70 seemed to throw its biggest rival, the Canon EOS 300D, into the shade. The Canon however carried a more attractive price tag. So Nikon struck back with the introduction of the Nikon D50 digital reflex (D-SLR) last April. A digital reflex, which is more compact than the Nikon D70s, but still featuring many interesting specifications.

Nikon D50 - Differences between D50 and D70s
At first glance the differences between the Nikon D70s and the D50 are small. The Nikon D50 has a somewhat slower image speed (2.5 frames per second compared with three images at the Nikon D70s), a slower maximum shutter speed (1/4000s in stead of 1/8000s) and less settings for ISO values. The Nikon D70s lets you adjust ISO in 1/3 step, the Nikon D50 allows you to do so in one whole step. So in this respect the Nikon D50 is more similar to the Nikon D100!

Nikon D50 - Introduction Secure Digital
Just like the Nikon D70s, the D50 is also equipped with a beautiful large monitor of 2 inches. And both cameras contain the same image sensor; the well-known Sony CCD which is also used in the Nikon D100. The Nikon D50 is therefore a 6 Megapixel camera with a for Nikon standard focal length of 1.5. The D50 is the first Nikon reflex camera to use a Secure Digital memory card for storing the captured images.

Nikon D50 - Entry level digital SLR
The differences between the two cameras are mainly found internally and in the amount of setting possibilities. Internally the Nikon D50, for example, is equipped with a different sensor for light metering. The D70s offers the user more settings, the menu is more extensive. To what extent this is important, depends on the user of course. The Nikon D50 clearly aims at the consumer who wants the advantages of a reflex camera, but who doesn't want to be bothered with all kinds of settings. And this is a very large group of consumers, the so-called 'crowd'. The Nikon D50 is exceptionally ideal for those taking the first steps into digital photography or for those who just want to take nice snapshots. We worked with one of the first samples of the camera and I'd like to invite you to read our experiences in this review.

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Nikon D50 | Digital Camera

  Nikon D50
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