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Olympus C-7070 Zoom Camera review | Storage and Energy
Olympus created the xD-Picture memory card in corporation with Fujifilm. Therefore it won't surprise you that this card can be used in the Olympus Camedia C7070 Wide Zoom. I say: can be used, because besides the xD-Picture card a standard CompactFlash memory card can also be used. A beautiful solution, if you use the Olympus Camedia C7070 Wide Zoom as a second camera next to your SLR, you will only need one type of card. Or you can double your memory capacity easily by inserting both types of memory cards into your camera.
Olympus C-7070 Zoom | Digital Camera Olympus C-7070 Zoom | Digital Camera
Olympus C7070 - SanDisk memory card
The xD-Picture memory card is a very small card, even smaller than the popular Secure Digital card. Nevertheless, high capacities are also available. At present only Fujifilm and Olympus, and SanDisk under the name of the here fore mentioned brands deliver these memory cards. The cards from Fujifilm are a little cheaper than the other cards, but they lack a special panorama function, that the Olympus cards do offer. CompactFlash is one of the most frequently used memory cards and therefore rather cheap. Large capacities are also available. I'd advice you to purchase a fast CompactFlash card, because the standard CompactFlash cards tend to work a bit slow in combination with the Camedia C7070. There was hardly any difference between the xD and a SanDisk Ultra II CompactFlash card. A memory card like the SanDisk Extreme 3 series of CompactFlash memory cards adds undoubtedly to the write and read speed of data.

Considering a 512MB storage capacity:
RAW - Resolution 3027x2304 – 49 images
TIFF - Resolution 3027x2304 - 24 images
SHQ - Resolution 3027x2304 - 99 images
HQ - Resolution 3027x2304 - 293 images
SHQ - Resolution 3072x2048 - 111 images
HQ - Resolution 3072x2048 - 329 images
TIFF - Resolution 2592x1944 - 34 images
SQ1 - Resolution 2592x1944 - 139 images
SQ2 - Resolution 2592x1944 - 409 images
TIFF – Resolution 2288x1712 - 44 images
SQ1 – Resolution 2288x1712 - 178 images
SQ2 – Resolution 2288x1712 - 523 images
TIFF - Resolution 2048x1536 - 55 images
SQ1 – Resolution 2048x1536 - 221 images
SQ2 - Resolution 2048x1536 - 652 images
TIFF – Resolution 1600x1200 - 90 images
SQ1 – Resolution 1600x1200 - 363 images
SQ2 - Resolution 1600x1200 - 1030 images
TIFF – Resolution 1280x960 - 140 images
SQ1 – Resolution 1280x960 - 560 images
SQ2 - Resolution 1280x960 - 1597 images
TIFF – Resolution 1024x768 - 218 images
SQ1 – Resolution 1024x768 - 863 images
SQ2 - Resolution 1024x768 - 2457 images
TIFF – Resolution 640x480 - 541 images
SQ1 – Resolution 640x480 - 2129 images
SQ2 – Resolution 40x480 - 5324 images
Olympus C7070 - RAW & JPEG format
Photos can be stored in RAW and JPEG format or in both formats at the same time. Also leaving room to vary the JPEG in size. The images are stored on one card however; it is not possible to store JPEG on the xD-Picture card and the RAW images on the CompactFlash for example. With the Olympus Camedia C7070 Wide Zoom's high resolution of 7.1 Megapixels, you will definitely need a 512MB memory card. In the table below you'll find the amount of images that can be stored on a 512MB memory card.

Olympus C7070 - Buffer
The buffer fills up reasonably fast, certainly if you photograph in the highest quality JPEG or RAW format. Only two images fit, and then you have to wait until the buffer is emptied. This makes the Olympus Camedia C7070 Wide Zoom less suitable for the real action photographer. When shooting normally you won't encounter a limited buffer. The pictures can be transferred to a computer via the fast USB connection or through a card reader. Olympus adds the date to a name of a picture which is very useful; it prevents you from using the same name twice.

Olympus C7070 - Battery
The battery of the C7070 is a 1500mAh 7.2V model. It is an old acquaintance, looking very similar to the BP-511 from Canon and the Minolta batteries. The battery holds out a long time, some hundreds of images is no problem for this battery. If you need more energy, you can purchase the optional battery grip. The Olympus C7070 Wide Zoom will then work on two batteries. It is also possible to connect the Olympus C7070 Wide Zoom to the electric mains with an optional adapter.
Olympus C-7070 Zoom Olympus C-7070 Zoom
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