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Olympus C-7070 Zoom Camera review | Adjustments
The Olympus Camedia C7070 Wide Zoom lets you adjust and use a lot of settings, which means that you can adjust the camera to your own requirements. Although the Olympus C7070 Wide Zoom has a number of buttons to get quick access to a function, you will probably mainly use the menu. Just because of the simple fact that the buttons are that much spread over the camera that you won't be able to find them quickly enough. The menu is directly accessible with the button positioned in the centre of the navigation buttons. If you turn the button to the right, you dig into the menu immediately, the other navigation buttons give you access to other functions. And the good thing is, that you are able to decide yourself which functions they are. A useful trio is white balance, ISO sensitivity and image speed.
Olympus C-7070 Zoom | Digital Camera Olympus C-7070 Zoom | Digital Camera
Olympus C7070 - Menu
The menu itself is organized in the same way we find on other models of Olympus. It is well-organized but I must confess it doesn't really appeal to me. It works a bit time-consuming. I lose track too frequently. Of course everybody has his own preferences and I can imagine somebody else finding the menu extremely pleasant. It was also hard for me to get used to some names, but then again: this is all very much a personal taste and preference.

Olympus C7070 - Precise exposure
As far as the number of settings is concerned, the Olympus Camedia C7070 Wide Zoom's user can't complain. You can't think of anything and it's possible. It commences with the file format. RAW as well as JPEG as well as both at the same time are possible. More about this in the next chapter. The Camedia C7070 Wide Zoom offers seven scene modes for precise exposure. You just select the icon that fits the shooting circumstances and the camera automatically adjusts the settings. But the user that purchases an Olympus Camedia C7070 Wide Zoom is probably rather advanced and will soon select one of the other exposure modes: P, S, A and M. There is more to set in these modes, more to adjust. For light metering the following selections are possible: ESP (143 point metering), centre weight metering and spot metering. In most cases ESP delivered a correct result, I hardly ever had to select a different metering mode.

Olympus C7070 - Processor
ISO sensitivity of the sensor commences at ISO 80 and goes all the way up to ISO 400. A fine range. It's a little bit disappointing that noise is already visible when reaching a little over ISO 100 even with sufficient light. Of course there are many pixels on a small surface but I expect more from the processor of the Olympus Camedia C7070 Wide Zoom to be honest.
Olympus C7070 - White balance
The automatic white balance is perfect except under artificial light. That still seems to be a standard behaviour of a digital camera unfortunately. Luckily you can adjust the white balance very well yourself. Although Olympus made it somewhat difficult to set the white balance. The Olympus C7070 Wide Zoom features two presets, one for outdoor and one for indoor shooting, each containing their own default settings. It is quicker to create your own white balance, a piece of cake for the Camedia C7070 Wide Zoom. And if you are still not completely satisfied with the white balance you can also set the Fine setting. These features make the Olympus Camedia C7070 Wide Zoom a professional alike.

Olympus C7070 - Image quality
To enhance image quality, contrast, saturation and clearness can be adjusted. Like on almost every digital camera. The default settings however also achieve a rather satisfying result. The clearness is not overdone and the colours are true-to-life. Clarity is of great importance in Marco photography. And also this is perfect on the camera. The Olympus Camedia C7070 Wide Zoom can focus on a very near distance, which gives you a real macro function.

Olympus C7070 - Composition help functions
In order to offer some aid framing a composition, the Olympus Camedia C7070 Wide Zoom offers two very useful functions. The first one is a grid pattern of horizontal and vertical lines. We do find this on other cameras too, but I must say that the one on the Camedia C7070 is extremely pleasant to work with. And if you want to capture a subject precisely in the centre of the image, the cross will come in handy. It really is just a cross, coming from the corners of the monitor. Very effective.
Olympus C-7070 Zoom Olympus C-7070 Zoom
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