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Olympus C-7070 Zoom Camera review | Control
When you get to know the Olympus Camedia C7070 Wide Zoom a bit more thorough, you realize that it is a pleasant camera. Startup time is approximately two to three seconds. Not too slow and not too fast. If you want to wake up the camera after it fell asleep you have to wait the same amount of time before actually being able to photograph again, which takes too long. Unfortunately the Camedia C7070 Wide Zoom doesn't allow adjusting a certain time span for falling asleep. And if this function is available then it is hidden, because I didn't succeed in finding it on the camera.
Olympus C-7070 Zoom | Digital Camera Olympus C-7070 Zoom | Digital Camera
Olympus C7070 - LCD monitor
The monitor of the C7070 is beautiful and can be used at different angles. Not to the side though, as you can with the monitors on the Nikon and Canon digital cameras. But up is possible; as well as moving it to the front. It looks a bit silly, a camera like this with a monitor flipped up, but it is definitely practical and that is what counts here. You can receive sufficient information on the monitor, a live histogram included. The Olympus Camedia C7070 Wide Zoom also features an optical viewfinder although in practise you will probably mainly use the monitor. Because the monitor shows exactly what you are capturing where as the optical viewfinder doesn't show the edges and it suffers from a parallax.

Olympus C7070 - Focus
Focus is easy and fast, when working under insufficient light an assist illuminator, that is not so subtle, is available, and it can also be disabled. To focus precisely you have an abundance of possibilities on the Olympus C7070 Wide Zoom. In most cases the default setting will do the job, the so-called iESP focus. The camera will decide the nearest subject in the area and focus on it. The 143-point focus makes it easy to focus and the subject doesn't have to be in the centre of the image. The user can also select his/her own focus point. This is ideal if you don't want to focus on the nearest subject. The area is standard found in the centre, but you can move it. Also available is predictive focus, which makes the camera follow the subject. Olympus names this Oracle AF. I did a lot of testing with this latter mode and it turns out that there should be sufficient contrast between the subject and the background, in order to make it work well. But if that's the case, it really does a good job!
Olympus C7070 - Wide-angle
Zooming in and out is easy and effortless, although a button like the one on the C7070 makes it difficult to frame precisely. A true manual zoom always works more pleasantly. The Olympus Camedia C7070 Wide Zoom features an excellent zoom range, also because it can boast on a real wide-angle. And not only because I am a wide-angle lover. Also the telephoto is reasonable, 110mm (equivalent to a 35mm camera). And if all this isn't enough, you can always use the digital zoom or use a converter. I'd prefer the latter one, because it is superior to the digital zoom. The Camedia C7070's lens is of high quality. It contains a fine bright and the distortion stays within reasonable margins. Distortion in wide-angle is inevitable, and one should not be scared of it. After zooming in a little it also disappears. I'd advice you not to open completely the aperture; at wide-angle the sharpness in the corners diminishes quickly, resulting in cornershading. This does not apply to telephoto mode.

Olympus C7070 - Memory compartment
If you open the memory compartment while the camera is still on, the Olympus Camedia C7070 Wide Zoom will show you clearly on the monitor that the compartment is not closed. And if the camera is still writing images to the memory card, an acoustic warning signal that you can't ignore will come to your ears. Writing will stop when the compartment cover is opened, but will continue as soon as you shut the cover. I think this is an excellent way of working, a Canon digital camera for example, will just stop writing and the images in your buffer will get wasted. Shutter lag, the time in between pressing the release button and actually capturing the image, is not an issue on the Camedia C7070. You can capture any action moment, effortlessly.
Olympus C-7070 Zoom Olympus C-7070 Zoom
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