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Olympus C-7070 Zoom Camera review | Camera
The way the Camedia C7070 is built, shows that Olympus considers the Camedia C7070 Wide Zoom as a serious camera. The base is a sturdy magnesium-alloy body, combining firmness with a light weight. We can definitely say that the Olympus C7070 Wide zoom can take rough treatment. And it not only has a solid base. The whole camera shows its quality. Connections are neatly covered with rubber covers that stay nicely in their spot. This is not always the case on a digital camera. The covers for the memory cards and the battery are also carried out solidly. It would have been the finishing touch if Olympus decided to put seals on the covers, like we find on the Olympus Mju mini, which would prevent the camera from gathering dust and moist. But it's not necessary to make a song and dance about it. The weight of the camera is just right, not too heavy and certainly not too light. The surface of the Olympus C7070 Wide Zoom feels pleasant.
Olympus C-7070 Zoom | Digital Camera Olympus C-7070 Zoom | Digital Camera
Olympus C7070 - Lens
The front of the camera is dominated by the lens. A pleasantly large lens with a high light sensitivity. When the Camedia C7070 Wide Zoom is activated the lens will extend, but the camera remains compact. The front of the camera also contains sensors for auto focus and light metering. A built-in flash of course is also available and in the corner we find the optical viewfinder. Next to the handgrip a small led is placed, indicating the self-timer. A lot of details, still on the whole it looks well-organised and calm.

Olympus C7070 - LCD Monitor & Buttons
The back of the Olympus C7070 Wide Zoom is a lot busier. Here we find the monitor, and the size strikes us. Nowadays we enjoy large format monitors from 2 inches or even larger, but the Camedia C7070 'only' features a 1.8 inch format. Above the monitor we detect the optical viewfinder with dioptre setting. Great for glasses wearing users. The lights next to the viewfinder indicate whether the flash is fully charged and if focus succeeded. Naturally we also find several buttons on the back of the C7070 Wide Zoom, arranged very neatly and well-organized. All buttons are within reach of your thumb when holding the camera; they are all placed on the right side. Most buttons feature an indication. The four navigation buttons lack this indication which of course is rather logical. In the centre of the four navigation buttons we find the most important one: the menu button. Quickview enables reviewing a picture, while at the same time the camera remains active for taking more pictures. Top right, the command dial is positioned, for changing the aperture among other things. Above it the on/off button is placed. This button is rather small and somewhat difficult to operate. It asks for improvement by Olympus.
Olympus C7070 - Release button & Zoom
On top of the Camedia C7070 Wide Zoom we find the release button with around it the zoom button. The applied hot shoe enables using an external flash. The command dial for various shooting modes is also on top of the camera. And additionally some small buttons are found for auto focus and the light metering system (on the left) and the self-timer/remote control button and a programmable button on the right. On the left side of the Olympus C7070 there are two more buttons, for adjusting the flash and the exposure compensation. Next to it we find the connection for USB, video out and the external energy. The memory cards can be inserted in the right side of the Olympus Camedia C7070 Wide Zoom and the battery is situated inside the handgrip, with access from the bottom.

Olympus C7070 - Comfortably in the hand
If we look from a neutral point of view, the buttons are very much spread out over the camera. And they are of a rather small size. That small that I overlooked them many times, and so widely spread that I just kept forgetting which one was directly accessible and which one wasn't. Of course all functions can be reached through the menu too, but those buttons are placed on the camera for a reason, so certainly you'd want to use them. The Olympus Camedia C7070 Wide Zoom looks rather robust, but the actual size is not too bulky. In any case, the camera lies comfortably in the hand. Hands of a larger size will also easily find a place on the camera. If you'd still like more grip or if you want to use more batteries, it is also possible to place an optional handgrip underneath the camera. It gives the C7070 Wide Zoom a professional appearance.
Olympus C-7070 Zoom Olympus C-7070 Zoom
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