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Ricoh Caplio R2 Camera review | Conclusion
Ricoh R2 digital camera - Classy design
The Ricoh Caplio R2 is very similar to the Caplio R1 digital camera. The enhanced resolution and the altered ergonomics in combination with the large sized LCD monitor, are sufficient features to be able to speak of an improved design. The housing of the camera feels very firm and the grip feels safe. The camera is comfortable to hold and reducing the buttons in size hasn't lead to fussing about with them. The large sized monitor is a joy to work with and the lack of an optical viewfinder is certainly not a great loss. The design of the camera is classy and neat. The startup time of the Ricoh Caplio is outstanding and pleasant. The camera's optical range of a 4x optical zoom (28 – 135mm) is ideal. The 28mm is fine for landscape images, for capturing group photos and shooting indoor images. Ricoh has a reputation to keep up on the field of speed, think of shutter response time, but the competing brands are approaching closely, or passed that point already with new innovations.

Ricoh Caplio R2 - Features
A digital camera such as the Ricoh Caplio R2 reveals high expectations. As I mentioned before, it sure is a pity that Ricoh didn't equip the Caplio R2 with setting possibilities like aperture and shutter priority. An enhancement like this would enlarge the target group of possible users, in my opinion. On the other hand I must admit that the Ricoh Caplio R2, although being an automatic digital camera, has a lot of astonishing features and settings. Various settings support the automatic setting under different situations. The video clip function stays behind compared to the competitors. Currently we find possibilities like VGA or higher resolution or even 60 images per second, but the Ricoh Caplio has a poor 320 x 240 pixels as its maximum video resolution.

Ricoh R2 camera - Image quality and Battery
The overall image quality is fine and colour rendition is true to life. The Ricoh R2 has sensitivity settings covering 64 to 800 ISO. The lower ISO sensitivities are perfectly fine, but the higher values don't reach the current possible standard. The noise values are too visible, and the use of taking pictures with higher ISO sensitivity is therefore reduced. The Ricoh Caplio R2 is equipped with a high capacity Lithium Ion battery and practice proved that the camera really uses its energy economically. Ideal from this camera is the fact that besides using the standard delivered Lithium Ion battery, also a pair of standard AA batteries can be used.

Ricoh Caplio R2 - User friendly
The user friendliness is excellent. The camera can be operated with great ease and I am especially attracted to the menu. The rendition is colourful and well-organized at the same time and the Ricoh Caplio R2 enables navigating through the menu in a very fast manner. The large number of settings is divided in chapters, providing a great overview. The increased size of the buttons on the Ricoh R2, compared to the Ricoh R1, hasn't worked to the camera's disadvantage. The buttons had to shrink due to the application of a large LCD monitor, and they increased in number too. Some quick buttons are available, like the ADJ button which certainly adds to the user convenience.

Ricoh Caplio R2 digital camera - Recommended
Concluding I can say that the Ricoh Caplio R2 left a good impression. The overall quality is fine and the settings offer the (beginning) photographer many creative possibilities. We did have some comments, but still we'd like to recommend the Ricoh Caplio R2 for those who look for a digital camera at which speed and ease are on par. Add to this the excellent quality of the housing, the beautiful optical range and you will find a compact 5 megapixel camera with sufficient potency to offer the beginning photographer a lot of photographic joy over a long period of time.

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Ricoh Caplio R2 | Digital Camera


Ricoh Caplio R2
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