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Ricoh Caplio R2 Camera review | Storage and Energy
The side of the Ricoh R2 gives access to a combined compartment. Both small Secure Digital memory card and Lithium Ion battery are inserted in the compartment. The cover opens easily and is not hindered by a small catch. The Secure Digital card has to be inserted until you hear an obvious click, that means the card is locked. Removing the card is possible by pressing it first, when you hear the click again the Secure Digital card is unlocked again and you can take it out. The Ricoh Caplio R2 is standard equipped with an internal memory of 28MB, this is more than double compared to the Ricoh R1. Some years ago Ricoh choose to support the Secure Digital memory card and when we look at the market share nowadays, we come to the conclusion that it was certainly not a wrong choice. The storage capacity of this small storage medium is currently 2GB. Beside that there are various versions available distinguishing themselves concerning the speed of writing and reading the data.
Ricoh Caplio R2 | Digital Camera Ricoh Caplio R2 | Digital Camera
Ricoh Caplio R2 - Secure Digital card
I'd like to point out to you the fact that there are different versions of Secure Digital memory cards available. There are different (cheap) SD cards offered in other branches than the usual selling channels, of which isn't always clear where they come from and even more important, what the quality is of the components used for the cards. The A-brands memory cards are guaranteed to deliver a consistent quality and take the lead as far as innovations are concerned. The application of a faster memory card could save a lot of time writing the data to the card, and also playing back the captured images.

Ricoh R2 camera - High resolution images
Using a standard 512MB Secure Digital memory card the Ricoh R2 is capable of taking three high resolution images sequentially within 1.3 second, and write them onto the card in about 4 seconds. If you use a faster version, the number of high resolution images in sequence remains the same, writing the data on the card however, happens just some 25% faster.

Considering 512MB of storage capacity:
Resolution 2560 x 1920 pixels - Fine - 255
Resolution 2560 x 1920 pixels - Normal - 424
Resolution 2048 x 1536 pixels - Fine - 334
Resolution 2048 x 1536 pixels - Normal - 654
Resolution 1280 x 960 pixels - Fine - 641
Resolution 1280 x 960 pixels - Normal - 1209
Resolution 640 x 480 pixels - Normal - 5239

Resolution 320 x 240 pixels - 15 fps - 24min 4sec
Resolution 320 x 240 pixels - 30 fps - 12min 13sec
Resolution 160 x 120 pixels - 15 fps - 88min 7sec
Resolution 160 x 120 pixels - 30 fps - 46min 42sec
Voice recording 1073min - 11sec
Ricoh R2 digital camera - Video clip
Recording a video clip in a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels with a speed of 30 images per second and duration of 10 seconds is stored on a fast memory card within 3 seconds. Given the same circumstances and the same settings, writing the data to a standard memory card takes approximately 25% longer. So if you want to get the most out of your digital camera, you'd better purchase a fast Secure Digital memory card.

Ricoh Caplio R2 - Storage capacity
Considering 5 Megapixels of resolution it is also advisable to purchase a larger storage capacity besides the 28MB of internal memory, directly after the Ricoh R2 is in your possession. It is useful to keep some extra storage at hand, but if you intend to shoot every special moment of your holiday, using high resolution, you'd want to have at least 256MB or preferably 512MB storage capacity.

Ricoh Caplio R2 camera - Lithium Ion battery
The Ricoh Caplio R2 is standard delivered with a Lithium Ion battery, which is recharged externally of the camera through an also standard delivered battery charger. The Ricoh DB-50 Lithium Ion battery has a capacity of 3.7V 1520mAh. Extremely handy is the fact that the Ricoh R2 also works on a pair of standard AA batteries in stead of the Lithium Ion battery. Note that it is recommended to use the Lithium Ion battery because it ensures taking a large amount of images more than the AA batteries will. The Ricoh DB-50 Lithium Ion battery is fully loaded after approximately three hours. When the battery is recharging it is still possible to continue using the camera by inserting a pair of AA batteries, clever thinking! If you want to use the Ricoh Caplio R2 digital camera over a longer period of time, you can take along two AA batteries for extra energy and you won't need a second (expensive) Lithium Ion battery.
Ricoh Caplio R2 Ricoh Caplio R2
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